I think 43 going to be my best year yet

I think 43 going to be my best year yet

For those who don’t know, I turn 43 years old on Tuesday of this week. I used to hate the idea of getting older because it scared me. I’ve since learned to embrace life in all its stages and live them to their fullest. Turning 43 isn’t upsetting to me all and it feels good not to be dreading my birthday. In fact, 43 looks to be my best year ever and I’m excited for all the new adventures.

Over the weekend, I went out to dinner for my birthday, and it was amazing.

The kids are doing great being back at school and that’s awesome.

I don’t really have any plans for Tuesday aside from sneaking in one last workout before my surgery on Wednesday. I’m a little nervous but I feel like I got this. I’m more worried about the recovery. Two weeks of not working out is going to be a physical and emotional blow. If I can still go walking/hiking, I’m gonna be okay, but I need that outlet. I also want to continue being there for my loved ones as best I can.

My Dad is gonna come with me to the Cleveland Clinic on Wednesday, just to make sure I’m okay. I’m supposed to be able to drive but I’d rather not discover that I can’t, and end up stranded. The emotional support will certainly not be a bad thing either.

The kids are in a place where the limits during recovery shouldn’t be a big deal. If something comes up, I have an amazing support system that I know I can lean on.

I’m going to use the down time to get some recordings done and really focus on work. There are some projects that I’m looking forward to starting but they have to wait until I’m all healed up.

The week is off to a good start. I had a fantastic workout this morning and was able to get some office work done as well. I love being caught up on invoicing. I have plans to go walking tonight and I’m looking forward to that, as I always do.

I’m feeling really good about life. I’m grateful for those close to me and looking forward to theamy adventures to come.

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We get angsty about being middle-aged. The thing is, from where I’m coming from (62) 43 sounds pretty young and still full of life. Here’s hoping you have good results from your surgery. Don’t push yourself too hard after, although I’m sure mild exercise is good if you aren’t too drugged or in bed. Good luck!

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