The boys really struggled tonight but I’m feeling optimistic about the week ahead

It’s been a rough night but everyone is finally asleep. is the only one not struggling when it comes to sleeping right now. 

Since they had a therapy session with their Mom last Tuesday, Emmett hasn’t been able to fall asleep without being glued to me. This is a few steps backwards because for the last couple of months, he’s been falling asleep in his bed but still climbing into bed with me at some point after I go to bed. 

The session was largely a positive thing but I think it stirred some shit up and this is the fallout from that. 


Gavin couldn’t fall asleep for hours again tonight. 

He kept feeling like he had to go potty. He went back and forth to the bathroom over a dozen times that I actually heard. is normally the best sleeper in the house and falls asleep the moment his head hit the pillow. 

I’ve got to get this bladder thing figured out. I’m going to call the in the morning and see if his appointment with Urology can be moved up. 

I also need to do the same for his neurologist because Gavin’s been having episodes where he loses function in his extremities. Nothing that has lasted for more than a few minutes but it started with him not being able to move his right arm and today his left leg kept giving out. It happened as he was coming down the steps too and that’s scary..

When it comes to addressing these challenges within the home, Emmett’s pretty easy to comfort because it usually just takes some extra snuggles and I have plenty of those to go around. ❤️

Gavin on the other hand is much more difficult because aside from trying to get him in to the doctor sooner, there’s nothing I can do. I can try to calm him down and comfort him but that doesn’t amount to much, especially when he’s frustrated with himself over this. 

Today’s the last day of summer vacation and I’m really hoping that a return to the schedule will prove to be a positive thing. The boys are all excited/nervous to get back to school. No one has indicated that they don’t want to go back and that’s hugely positive. 

I just want this week to be the beginning of many positive things to come for the boys and I. 

Their return to school means I can finally return to my 3 – 5 mile morning walks. It means I can focus on the things I need to a little better while they’re at school. 

Gavin will still be home/online schooled because everything going on with him prevents his physical attendances. Frankly, I think this change, which started last school year, is largely responsible for his emotional and physical stability. 

I’m hoping this year proves to be just as positive for Gavin as the previous one. 😀

It’s going to be a long and challenging week but I’m feeling very optimistic…

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  • Jude Leobold

    Come on my friend…It will ALL be OK! You worry too much.

  • Jude Leobold

    Just BREATHE and take it one moment at a time.

  • Janet Meliti

    Hi there again today and tonight. I see again a lot of parallels with two of your boys and sameness with my son Matthew between and non in this last post. I shared this on my fb page and wrote a little post along with it. Due to my sons other condition he has lots of issues two of them being urinary and limb issues. We both have a lot in common with our kids wanted to let you know that again and things will work them selves out. Matthew has been going through some sleep challenges again too. I am really impressed with all of you.

  • Darcyd

    I know won’t like it but can he wear adult diapers to bed? I think it will help him relax at night & know that he won’t wet the bed. Sometimes being on certain meds with their is worse.