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Supporting Your Family With Self-Care: What Can You Do?

This is a contributed post and therefore does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of this blog or its author.    https://unsplash.com/photos/WMjqzYGoU5w When you’re the head of the household and you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, you can often feel the pressure to help everyone. It… Read more »

The judge approved my request

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I received a phone call from Probate Court, to let me know that the Judge had issued a ruling. That may sound a bit dramatic but that’s exactly what happened. Yesterday, I requested a copy of the adoption decree from when I adopted Gavin. Apparently, there’s a rather significant process… Read more »

There are times as his father, I have to turn away and cry

Lizze and I had a fairly decent night to ourselves. The E’s were at their Grandparents but Gavin was home. It’s not really a night off, even with Gavin being the only one home. Gavin is becoming more and more difficult to manage. That wears heavily on us both physically… Read more »

Meet the ferrets helping my kids with #Autism 

If you’ve been following our story for awhile, you already know how I like to share about the positive impact animals have on my kids with Autism.  I’ve been raised around animals my whole life and have always benefited from having pets.  It’s widely known that animals can have a… Read more »

At least it doesn’t count as a sick day

We received a call early this morning, letting us know that school has been canceled due to bad weather. It’s not like the boys were going to school anyway, but there’s an upside here.  As a result of school being canceled, this won’t count as an absence.  That’s a good… Read more »

Why I’m worried about my wife

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I don’t talk publicly about my wife much since the reconciliation and I thinks that’s just out of habit. It’s something I aim to correct because obviously she’s a very important part of this journey.  That being said, I’m worried about her.  The last few days, she’s been beyond exhausted…. Read more »

Sh!t: It’s just turned into a three day weekend

Like and idiot tempting fate, I took Emmett’s temperature. Now he’s running a fever of 102.1°F and is unbelievably grouchy. I’m being forced to accept that what was a traditional two day weekend, has morphed into a three day weekend at the very least.  I’m not gonna lie here, I’m… Read more »