The Good, Bad and Ugly: The Bad

Now that we’ve discussed the good and the ugly, it’s time for the bad. 

The bad began very early in the morning with Emmett and his shoes/socks. It took forever to work him into them, so we could head out … Read More

The Good, Bad and Ugly: The Good

Now that we’ve talked about the ugly and gotten that over with, let’s balance things out with the good.. ☺ 

I’ll begin by sharing that the boys both had amazing days at school. Elliott lost a point and ended up … Read More

The Good, Bad and Ugly: The Ugly

As days go, yesterday was a mixed bag of good, bad and ugly. This post and the following two will each explore things that happened yesterday. 

Let’s start with the ugly and just rip the bandage off right away. 

It … Read More

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