Why is my #autistic toddler becoming more aggressive?

Because you asked: “Why is my autistic toddler becoming more aggressive?”

You’re mileage may vary on this one but thisade me think of my experience with my youngest and I hope this can help someone out there.

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Transcribed for accessibility ☺️ ♥️

“Okay. So I’ve got this question on my autism parenting subreddit this morning. And, uh, it’s from a parent who’s autistic toddler is becoming more aggressive lately, biting, hitting, kicking, scratching, things like that. And they’re like, Hey, why is this happening? Uh, well, the truth is like, I have no idea why it’s happening.

It could be a million reasons. Um, but it sounds like this kid might be non-verbal from some of the contexts that I got from the conversation. And if that’s the case that I might have, uh, some insight, my youngest was non-verbal until he was about four-ish five years old and he became very, very aggressive.

And we found out that it was tied to his inability to communicate effectively. So he was frustrated because he couldn’t tell us that he was hurt or scared or hungry or happy or whatever. And over time that frustration became aggression and anger. He would lash out and bite, hit, kick, scratch, things like that.

And as we learn to bridge those communication gaps with sign language and, and other means of communicating and helping him to communicate his needs to us, that aggression seemed to kind of go away. I don’t know if this is what the problem is, but it might be something worth exploring. Hope that helps.”

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