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My 5 biggest #Autism Parenting worries and how I’m addressing them

If being an Autism parent was a video game, the difficulty setting would the three or four notches above the highest setting. That’s not meant to be a joke. Autism Parenting requires more from a human being than most human beings are capable of. My wife and I are no… Read more »

Making changes to keep Gavin from hurting himself at night

We’ve been having some issues with Gavin, particularly at night. The other day, Gavin got up about 9 PM to use the bathroom. Lizze was still reading to the kids and I was in the living room. All of a sudden, we heard a really loud thud. I thought Emmett… Read more »

I will NOT be swallowed up by the negative in my life and here’s why

I’m so stressed out that I’m feeling sick to my stomach. Truthfully, I’d be sick to my stomach anyways cause of this stupid Paxil withdrawal but stress makes it so much worse. Rather than continually being swallowed up by the negative, I’m working to focus more on the blessings and… Read more »

#Autism breaks my heart in more ways than I can explain

Autism is one of those human conditions that impacts every person touched by it in a different way. Sometimes those differences are not so big and other times those differences can be so profound, that you may wonder how they can all fit underneath the umbrella known as Autism.. Each… Read more »

It was a disastrous morning for Gavin

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It’s been a really rough morning. I’ve been fighting off a stomach bug for most of the week and it’s not been pleasant. I’ve actually not been eating much, so might be a great time to weigh myself.. Lol Anyway, Gavin did not have a good morning. His IVIG Infusion… Read more »

Gavin’s IVIG infusion is NOT going well

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Gavin’s IVIG infusion is not going well this morning. For some reason, we can’t get any flow and I’m having to force the solution through the tubing manually. It works but it’s very difficult and quite painful for a Gavin. I don’t know what’s wrong for sure, but it could… Read more »

He’s 18 years old on the outside but not on the inside

Gavin’s having a rough time today. He’s eighteen years old now but can’t be treated or managed like a typical, freshly minted adult. Unfortunately, Gavin’s cognitive ability is significantly lower than his chronological age. Until we have his new NeuroPsych testing done this summer, we won’t know exactly how much… Read more »

Why it’s important for special needs parents to find something positive in each day

When you’re a special needs parent, it’s quite common to feel overwhelmed. If you did a keyword search in this blog, you’d find countless times I’ve used the word overwhelmed to describe how I’m feeling. Being overwhelmed isn’t something that’s easy to deal with because of its very nature. When… Read more »

Do you ever feel like life has just kicked your ass?

It’s been a long weekend and it’s still not over yet cause there’s no school today. There’s not been anything catastrophic that’s happened in the last few days but I feel like I had my ass kicked up one side of the road and down the other. Truthfully, Lizze and… Read more »

There’s way too much shit to worry about as a special needs parent

I’ve been playing a very frustrating game of phone tag with the pharmacy this afternoon. I need to make sure they either look out for a fax from the lab or call and have it faxed over because Gavin needs his refill tomorrow. I cannot stress enough that Clozapine is… Read more »

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