How literal interpretation leads to meltdowns 

I promised that I would write about why Emmett’s school report led to so many meltdowns over the last week or so. The reason can be summed up in two words, literal interpretation.  

The instructions provided simply said to write about three things you like to do in the snow. Seems pretty simple and straight forward, right? …

We faced several challenges this morning 

I was able to nab a whopping four hours of sleep last night. Surprisingly though, I don’t feel too bad today. 

We started off the morning convincing Elliott that he had to go to school, even in he didn’t like his hair. He actually took more work this morning than Emmett did in regards to putting his …

A knock down drag out morning

Emmett had a rough morning in regards to shoes and socks. Recently, Lizze had gotten into a newer routine with his shoes and socks, increasing the frequency in which he can tolerate them. 

For some reason, he just wasn’t having it this morning. 

There was a massive meltdown, lots of screaming and loss of sanity. We did everything …

Can you identify the 2 reasons we experienced massive meltdowns this week? 

While I feel as though we had a pretty good week, there were two things that I can pinpoint that triggered meltdowns from my youngest of three with Autism. 

Meltdowns are a very dynamic phenomenon because while it’s common for kids with Autism to experience them, the triggers, duration and severity of the meltdowns can and will …

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