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End of The Year Interview with Gavin (S6E52)

Talking to Gavin, my 23 year old autistic son about his journey towards independence and what he wants in 2024

Unpausing Life: Navigating Fatherhood, Autism, and the Road to Rediscovery

Navigating fatherhood and autism has been a rollercoaster of challenges and triumphs. Now, with 23 years of experience behind me, I find myself at a pivotal moment, looking toward a future full of possibility. If you’re still in the thick of your own struggles, don’t lose sight of hope. ‘Better’ may be closer than you imagine.

Today’s Gentle Parenting Reminder

This week past week, there was an issue with Gavin’s transportation to and from work. His transport under the current plan expired last Friday and I didn’t know. Gavin is managing most of his life and all his supports work directly with him and I’m largely out of the loop. Gavin forgets to tell me …

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Raising Raymie: Nikki White’s Autism Parenting Journey (S6E21)

Nikki White from Instagram’s Raising Raymie is here to share her autism parenting story

Helping kids learn to manage their big emotions with Mightier

Hey parents, some days don’t you just feel like you’re riding an emotional roller coaster? Trust me, I’ve been there. Navigating the stormy seas of big emotions with your autistic child can feel overwhelming. It’s hard seeing your child struggle, and sometimes you might feel lost and alone. But I promise – you’re not alone. …

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Some major updates about my kids

It’s been a little while since I’m written here. There have been a great many changes in my life and all of them very positive. I’m obviously still experiencing some writing burnout and I just don’t always have the bandwidth to put my thoughts into words like I used to. That said, I’m really trying …

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Dr. Casares on Kids, Sleep Hygiene & Melatonin (S6E18)

Dr. Whitney Casares answers your questions about kids sleep hygiene and melatonin

Parents Talking Autism (feat. Sara Roberts) S6E11

This week I speak with Sara Roberts about her autism parenting journey. In this unscripted conversation, we learn about her life and the challenges she faces raising her autistic son.