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Gavin keeps losing weight

I’ve not talked about this in a while but as it’s become a problem once again, it’s time. Gavin is losing weight after maintaining for a most of the year. He’s not losing crazy amounts of weight but he’s lost all he’s gained. We have an upcoming GI appointment and we’re going to discuss the …

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Round 3 of blood work for Gavin

It’s been a long day but a pretty good one. I didn’t write yesterday cause I was not really in a place where I felt like writing. I spent the time connecting with other parents instead and that was really cool. Yesterday, I had to take Gavin for another round of blood work, this time …

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Gavin gets his final dose of the #COVID #vaccine today

It’s gonna be a hectic day. I have a two hour meeting after lunch and it should finish up just in time for me to get Gavin to the health department for his second dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine. I’m a little concerned about how Gavin is going to handle the side effects. More …

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Gavin got really sick tonight

We had some moments today but overall, I feel like we had a good day. I wasn’t feeling quite as overwhemled as I have been and I was able to get some groceries delivered this afternoon. I feel very lucky to have had that all work out today. Unfortunately, that’s where the good news ends. …

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Please keep Gavin in your thoughts and prayers

I’m going to make this quick because my brain is completely fried and the rest of me is equally as exhausted. Gavin’s labs came back today and some of the results appear to be very concerning. The reason I say appear to be concerning is because I’m not a doctor and I have only a …

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Gavin did the most amazing thing today

It’s been a little while since I haven’t really talked a great deal about Gavin lately. I suppose the reason for that is that there isn’t a great deal that’s new. Gavin isn’t struggling with everything that the boys and I are. He carries his world with him and his mom moving out has no …

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