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I’m so proud of him

I had a conversation with someone today (did a video about it here) and I remembered a bit more about why I started doing everything I do. It was a reminder to me that while evolution and growth can be positive things, it’s important to stay true to your roots. I’ve been thinking alot about …

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Gavin did the most amazing thing today

It’s been a little while since I haven’t really talked a great deal about Gavin lately. I suppose the reason for that is that there isn’t a great deal that’s new. Gavin isn’t struggling with everything that the boys and I are. He carries his world with him and his mom moving out has no …

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Communicating with my adult #autistic son

I’ve mentioned this a few times before but Gavin and I have a unique relationship. We’re very very close and direct with each other. I’ve learned over 20 years that Gavin needs people to be very direct with him. If you give him any room to interpret the meaning in your words, he will often …

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Helping my adult #autistic son find independence

Gavin is bound and determined to move out. Until recently, I hadn’t really considered that to be an option but this is what he wants. As his parent, I want him to reach whatever level of independence he can achieve. With that in mind, I’m getting the ball rolling on this. The process is likely …

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Can we please show Gavin some love?

Gavin asked me to share this with you. ☺

This isn’t supposed to happen

It’s Gavin’s 21st birthday and we were off to a good start. His IVIG Infusion supplies showed up and he immediately went to work. Whenever he gets his supplies, I’ve taught him to put together kits containing everything he needs for each infusion. This serves a dual purpose. It helps him to learn how to …

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He had a major meltdown this afternoon and I’m completely drained

It’s been a frustrating week. I’ve been dealing with anxious kids, Gavin challenges, and now equipment issues with my podcast. I’ve been working on it today and couldn’t get things working until almost midnight. Unfortunately, Friday’s episode is going to be late as a result. I’m hoping to get it finished by shed up and …

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I’m really worried about his test results

We have a rather eventful week a head of us. The direction it takes will largely depend on the results of Gavin’s labwork Monday. Background: If you recall, Gavin’s labs from this past week were so concerning that we’re retesting to make sure they’re correct. So much is so drastically wrong that we need to …

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