The SideTrak Slide is the second display I didn’t know I needed (REVIEW)

I’ve been a work from home Dad for the better part of a decade. Lately, most of my work is centered around the blog and the podcast. As I’ve mentioned many times before, I write almost exclusively from my mobile device and only use my laptop for recording and producing my podcast. It’s this angle …

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Are you the health advocate your child needs you to be?

Parenthood is tough at the best of times. Add underlying health conditions to that struggle, and doing the best for your kids can seem like an insurmountable mountain. While they’re the ones who have to deal with sometimes painful conditions, up to a certain age and perhaps even past then, you need to be in …

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Let’s get caught up

The boys and I have had a pretty good couple of days. We had some frustrating moments and Gavin is struggling a bit, especially in the problem solving department. It’s getting to be frustrating for me because the need to address these struggles he’s having is becoming more and more important. With Gavin wanting to …

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Diagnosis Delayed (feat. Dr. Jeff Selman) S4E4

My guest today is Dr. Jeff Selman. He’s VP of Clinical Services over at First Children Services. He’s here to talk about how COVID is creating additional delays in kids getting evaluated for autism. This is a huge problem because we know that early intervention is absolutely vital for kids with autism and delays interfere …

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Top Tips to Improve Your Quality of Life

Sometimes, it can be easy to fall into the trap of simply ‘existing’ rather than ‘living’, especially if you are battling against health issues or the impact of aging. However, there are many simple steps that you can take towards achieving an improved quality of life, and here are some of the basics. 1.   Defeat …

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Digital wallets: Why are they important for financial stability

person shopping online

What is the digital wallet and what are its advantages? Why are they essential for financial stability? Here are some answers.

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