I could and even should be angry but that would only hurt me

This is a little frustrating. I wasn’t here when Gavin’s infusion supplies were delivered at the beginning of September. Normally, we check them right away and make sure we received everything. For whatever reason, that fell through the cracks this time. Gavin informed us that he was short three needle… Read more »

It’s so hard to feed my kids with #Autism

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We’re having a really hard time finding food that Emmett will eat, especially while at school. He’s never eaten the school lunches because he’s incredibly sensory oriented. It just won’t ever happen and that’s okay. The problem is that’s it’s become increasingly more difficult to find things we can pack… Read more »

Hopefully we’ll beat the incoming bad weather

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Everyone is dragging this morning but cooperative. It’s been a long week and it’s finally Friday. I don’t think there are any plans this weekend but maybe we’ll go hiking. After we take the boys to school, Lizze, myself and Gavin are going to go walking. Hopefully, we’ll beat the… Read more »

Here’s how our appointment with Pain Management went

Lizze and I met with Pain Management at the Cleveland Clinic yesterday. The objective of this appointment was to find ways to help Lizze manage her dibilating chronic pain. Lizze is living with Fibromyalgia, Ehlers-Danlos and daily migraines. As anyone dealing with chronic pain will likely tell you, it’s exhausting,… Read more »

I’m getting out for a bit tonight

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This evening I’ll be participating in a guys night out for the first time in a while. It’s usually my Dad and friends of the family or from church that get together once a month. I’ve only gone once before and it was a lot of fun. I’ll only be… Read more »

Why am I so exhausted? I’m an #Autism parent, that’s why

Going into this post, it’s important to know that I’m frustrated and trying to make a point about why Autism parents, like myself are so exhausted all the time. Every time I’m asked why I’m so exhausted, it’s a reminder how little people understand the challenges I face as an… Read more »

Yesterday was largely positive but it still took its toll

Everyone got off to school okay and it’s been a decent morning. Lizze is in a great deal of pain, a bit grouchy, but understandably so. Yesterday took a toll on her and she’s going to need to recover. I feel pretty good about yesterday but I’m crazy exhausted from… Read more »