It’s difficult to focus on anything when there are so many things that need my focus

I’ve said this before, but it warrants repeating. Being an Autism and Special Needs parent is not easy. I can’t honestly see how anyone could claim otherwise. Maybe they’re stronger than me or a better human than me. Either way, my life is an endless string of challenges, and while… Read more »

It’s been a heartbreaking morning for me

It’s been a rough day already, and it’s not even halfway over yet. I’ve been sharing on Twitter about the baby bird I recused on a busy road the other day. It’s all on my timeline if you’re interested in the pictures and backstory. Long story short, it died last… Read more »

Is this the whitest building ever?

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We’ve made it to the illustrious Neurological Center for Pain at the always amazing Cleveland Clinic. If you ever visit here, you find yourself in the whitest building ever. Literally, everything is white. The walls, ceiling, floors, doors, cabinets, etc. It makes everything very bright. There’s a specific reason for… Read more »

My wife has a difficult decision to make today

The boys got off to school in a good mood. I’ve got to say that was a significant accomplishment, and I definitely needed my walk this morning because I was frazzled. I will be spending the afternoon at the Cleveland Clinic with my amazing wife. She has a follow-up with… Read more »

Nothing says it’s going to be a terrible day quite like a massive morning #meltdown

It’s not a super fun morning once again. Emmett is not in a good mood, and the whole neighborhood is likely aware of it by now. I don’t know what has him so upset, but I wish I did. I hate starting the day like this because it’s stressful for… Read more »

Why we almost didn’t make it to school

We had a rough day in our house. It began in the morning and revolved around Emmett’s new haircut. The previous night, Emmett had asked me to cut his hair really short. He said buzz cut. He’s had it done in the past and loved it. Lizze was not too… Read more »

My #Autistic son did the most amazing thing today

Gavin was able to get his blood work done without any problems. In fact, I wanted to share something cool that Gavin did while he was there. It’s no secret that Gavin is a creature of habit. He thrives on routine, especially for things that are scary for him like… Read more »