Therapy is helping me become better

I had therapy yesterday and I feel like I’m making progress. I’m the picture of imperfection and I’m the first to admit that but the last to forgive myself for it. This last year has been incredibly challenging for me and that came after the hardest six months of my life. Losing my last two …

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What are the next steps to take if you’ve been involved in a car accident?

grayscale photo of wrecked car parked outside

Car crashes are common occurrences, from a small bump to a serious road traffic incident, all crashes should be taken seriously. If you’re involved in a small incident, you may be able to manage the situation by yourself, but if the crash was more complicated, it could be worth considering using a personal injury lawyer. …

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My kids cooked me dinner and I’m blown away

One of the things we’ve been working on during lockdown is life skills. I try to make the best use of all the time we have available to us and it’s paying off. First of all, while Elliott and Emmett are both on the autism spectrum, they’re incredibly high functioning. Aside from anxiety, SPD and …

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Finding something positive in the remote learning chaos

There are a million reasons why this school year is a nightmare for so many students and families. Parents are struggling to find balance and that included me. I don’t see how kids are going to receive the quality education they both need and deserve. That being said, remote and distance learning are necessary evils, …

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I’m really proud of what we accomplished today, even if others don’t get it

I’ve not talked about this much but I’ve started working out again. While I really, really want a treadmill, I’m making do with some free weights and a set of BowFlex kettlebells. There are some serious cardio exercises that can be done with kettlebells. Anyway, I was feeling pretty good today and so I suggested …

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I taught my kids something today

We took on an impromptu project this afternoon. The screen door to the balcony off my bedroom was probably original to the house. The balcony is actually called a sleeper porch but we’ve never used it for that. It’s just a nice place to sit in the spring and fall. Anyway, the screen was brittle …

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