Helping Your Children with #Autism Thrive

This is a contributed post and therefore does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the blog or its author. As a parent of an Autistic child, I often think about the ways as a parent I can help them thrive and live a happy and fulfilled life. In… Read more »

Why it was such an awesome day

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I wanted to share with you all why this week had such an amazing ending. I’ve already shared one of these things but in case you missed it, check out the video below. What follows are just a couple things that really made me feel good and helped to end… Read more »

(POLL) Do you struggle to juggle everyday life and being an Autism Parent?

As an Autism Parenting veteran, I still struggle with trying to juggle everyday life and all that Autism demands. I’m wondering how many of you out there find themselves struggling to juggle the many everyday¬†things life brings your way and being an Autism Parent? BufferShare+1Tweet2Pin2ShareStumble1Reddit2Share7 Shares

We had an UNBELIEVABLE surprise today (Must See)

It’s been an amazing day and I’ll go into more detail tomorrow. I’m not feeling well at the moment and I’m going to try to go to bed early. I put together a quick video, showing you guys the martial arts promotion from today. I’m not going to ruin the… Read more »

I’m super excited about today

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I know yesterday was kinda rough for me and that of course, hasn’t changed. I can’t change any of yesterday’s challenges and can’t do anything about them at the moment, so I’m going to focus on today. That being said, I’m really excited about today. Elliott and Emmett both have… Read more »