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Autism and Transitions (S1E5)

Nicole White from Instagram’s Raising Raymie talks about her son transitioning into the new school year

Guide to Introducing New Eyewear to an Autistic Child

The moment your child’s optometrist suggests that your little one needs glasses, a whirlwind of emotions might engulf you. Elation that you’ve identified a way to improve their visual experience, but also apprehension about how your autistic child will adapt to this new change. When your daily life already involves various strategies to ensure your …

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Laurie Cramer On Autism Parenting and The Autism Society of Greater Akron (S1E03)

**Episode Description:** This week, join us as we dive deep with Laurie Cramer, Executive Director of The Autism Society of Greater Akron. From her heartfelt experiences as a parent to an autistic child, to the pivotal changes needed to uplift the autism community, this conversation is both enlightening and inspiring. Learn about the incredible ways the Autism Society is making a difference locally. Don’t miss out!

Brett Powell on Navigating Dating & Merging Families with Autism (S1E02)

On this week’s podcast, join me as I sit down with Brett Powell. After my conversation with Jamie Lewis Smith last week about her autism parenting experiences, Brett steps in to share the story of how he and Jamie united their families, offering his personal perspective on the journey.

Autism and Parenthood: Finding Strength in Challenges and Celebrating Victories

As a parent, your primary goal is to keep your child healthy, happy, and safe. However, when you are parenting a child with autism, you face unique challenges that require a different approach to parenting. From navigating therapy appointments to managing a child’s special dietary needs, parenting a child with autism requires exceptional patience, understanding, …

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Today’s Gentle Parenting Reminder

This week past week, there was an issue with Gavin’s transportation to and from work. His transport under the current plan expired last Friday and I didn’t know. Gavin is managing most of his life and all his supports work directly with him and I’m largely out of the loop. Gavin forgets to tell me …

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Balancing Autism Parenting with Dementia Care Needs in Arizona

As a parent with an autistic child, your care plate will already be pretty full. So, if you are also facing life with a parent who has been diagnosed with dementia, you may be wondering how you are going to cope and what you need to do. Take a big deep breath, because even though this will …

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Jamie Lewis Smith’s Autism Parenting Story (S1E01)

Jamie Lewis Smith shares her journey raising her autistic son