Each day we have left with her is a gift

Aside from some issues with Gavin this morning, I feel like we’ve had a pretty good day. After all the drama at the beginning of Gavin’s IVIG infusion, it finished up without a single issue. Shortly after, we received a call from the school because Elliott had another nosebleed. He’s… Read more »

How the f**k was I supposed to know that?

It’s been a really long weekend, and it wasn’t always pleasant. Mother’s Day was a mixed bag for several reasons, but ultimately, it ended on a high note. Lizze was missing her Grandmother, and it weighed heavy in her. 😔 That said, we had a nice dinner and even went… Read more »

As an #Autism parent, my son’s violent and aggressive behaviors are very concerning to me

The boys have been home about an hour or so, and I feel like we’ve already spent the sanity this break has allowed us to regenerate. Admittedly, it’s still not much, but we were a bit saner before they arrived home. 😜 Drama ensued fairly quickly upon their return. The… Read more »

I try to never take breaks for granted

It was a pretty quiet evening. The kids were at their grandparents, and I’m writing this after sleeping in till 10:30 AM. That felt really good, and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity. Lizze and I went for a short walk last night before picking up dinner and settling into… Read more »

I love my kids, but dammit I need a break

I didn’t sleep well last night, and that led to us oversleeping this morning. How we start the day has a direct impact on how the day goes, and getting off to a late start isn’t a good thing. Having to rush around puts the kids on edge and creates… Read more »

I didn’t get much work done today but what we did accomplish made a difference

It’s been a long day, and I’m exhausted. We had a good deal of running around that needed to be done. My replacement phone finally came in, and we needed to hit the dispensary so Lizze could pick up her medicine. It’s still bizarre saying that out loud or even… Read more »

I’ve been taking #Prozac for about 8 weeks now

I wanted to share a quick update in regards to my ongoing war with Depression. As many of you already know, I’ve been in a lifelong war with Depression. Recently, I shared that I went back to my doctor because I wasn’t coping with life, and I was drowning in… Read more »