Parent to Parent (feat. Amy Nielsen) S3E29

Amy Nielsen

In this weeks episode, I have a parent to parent conversation with Amy Nielsen. She’s an autism mom, author, educator, blogger, podcaster, and early intervention specialist. We talk about her amazing family, life as an autism parent, and how COVID has made things more challenging. We also talk about how she and her husband are …

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This week just became more stressful

This week has gotten insanely crazy. The last 2 days have been incredibly stressful but not for any reason you’d ever suspect. I was letting the dog out last night and I found a subpoena taped to my font door. I have been subpoenaed to be a State’s witness in a very serious trial. I …

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An Exercise Guide To Maintain Or Regain Body Strength And Balance In Your Golden Years

Old age brings limitations, deformities, and illness, but it also portrays survival and sensibility. The wrinkles and freckles are work of art that tells the story of the person’s life. It is the golden age where a person relinquishes all his responsibilities and takes a step into a carefree tomorrow. But, the majority of senior …

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I have to be 3 places at once

The boys have school today and I have four meetings before mid-afternoon. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to pull all of this off just yet but I’m hoping for cooperation. I fully expect to be inturrupted but I’m not sure what else I can do. I have to be in three places at …

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4 Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet

man holdingwalking dog

Getting a pet can bring you closer as a family and improve your quality of life. Caring for a pet can also teach children about responsibilities and give them valuable new skills that will help them in later life. Getting a family pet can be exciting, but you must do your research and prepare before …

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A quick update on remote learning and working from home

I was thinking this would be our first full week back at their old school but that won’t be until next week due to the holiday. Elliott went back today and Emmett is back tomorrow. I think I already shared that Elliott goes to school Monday – Thursday. Emmett goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It’s …

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