My wife suffers from severe chronic pain but we have new hope

I don’t write much about Lizze, but not because there isn’t anything to say or I don’t want to talk about her. She has her own blog where she likes to share her own story and I totally respect that. Sometimes however, it’s important to say something anyway because she… Read more »

I desperately need a break from his school related anxieties

This is a interesting story that involves Emmett, his teachers and a six month old homework packet. The other day, one of Emmett’s teachers approached me right before school let out because she wanted to give me a heads up in regards to a conversation she’d had with Emmett that… Read more »

Understanding ADHD

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This is a contributed post and therefore doesn’t necessarily reflect the views and opinions of this blog or its author.   Photo Source In the past, children with ADHD were simply classified as “naughty”, “reckless”, or “difficult”. However, thanks to improvements in our understanding of the mental disorder, we are… Read more »

Here’s what happened at the @ClevelandClinic yesterday

We had to make our way to the Cleveland Clinic yesterday for a Pediatric Neurology appointment. Gavin had a follow-up in regards to epilepsy and autonomic dysfunction. I already shared the results of his Orthostatic testing but you can find those here. Overall, his appointment went really well. We talked… Read more »

Gavin’s orthostatic testing results from our @ClevelandClinic trip

I have a much larger update planned but for the moment, I wanted to let you know how Gavin’s orthostatic testing went at the Cleveland Clinic yesterday. Whenever Gavin see his neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic, they have to do orthostatic testing because he has autonomic dysfunction.. Orthostatic testing is… Read more »