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My kids were right and I was wrong

So apparently my kids were correct. I was positive that they were back to school this morning but turns out, they don’t go back until January 4th. I don’t know what sorta of nonsense this is but I declare shenanigans. I’m thrilled to have had all this time with my kids but I’m ready to …

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My life has changed in so many ways

The boys spent New Years day with their mom and I had plans of my own. We’re keeping the circle of people we spend time with very, very small right now as COVID is worse than it’s ever been in Ohio. Half of my family either has COVID right now or is getting over it. …

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The Calm

As I’m preparing my little corner of the world for 2022, I wanted to quickly share something I’m going to be putting a major focus on as I move forward. 2021 has been a monumental year for me, as well as my kids. There have been so many major life changes and I’ve definitely grown …

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Let’s talk about how tough Christmas can be for autism families

I’ve had a pretty great week. I’ve been job hunting, which is exciting, and it feels good. I’m looking to fill in some of the gaps while building my business. I need to gain some lost ground, and this will help. There are some pretty great opportunities that I might qualify for, and they’re remote. …

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The Top 5 Best Ways To Significantly Improve Your Vision In 2022

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With the worldwide coronavirus pandemic far from over, thankfully, if there has been one good thing that has come out of the enforced lockdowns and other social and communicative restrictions, it is the rise and increase in popularity of self-care techniques. In the modern world, everyone’s daily schedule is always packed full of duties, roles, …

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One of the most important post divorce parenting lessons I’ve learned

One of the things I thought I would never get used to after my divorce was splitting up things like birthdays and holidays between households. Family is so important to me, and not having my kids home on days like these was hard. I didn’t think I would ever be okay with it. Even though …

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