I feel pretty fucking accomplished today

I think we had a fantastic day and I feel quite accomplished. We got so much done today and I’m incredibly proud of my kids for their help. We got some of the basement cleaned up and hauled out to the trash. I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile but it’s just not happened. …

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To those struggling with #depression right now, you’re not alone

Depression makes everything so much harder to navigate, especially as a parent. We’re neck deep in a worsening pandemic and we’ve been locked down for 115 days now. That is not conducive to good mental health. I find that I’m doing really good on some days but bad on others. I’m anxious, preoccupied with mortality …

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It worked out for the best

Yesterday, we had a chance to get out of the house and we cautiously took advantage of it. We decided to head out to Quail Hollow for a little while. It’s about a 20 minute drive and we have to judge the situation once we get there as to whether it’s safe or not. We …

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I can’t keep going without sleep

I’ve been having the worst time sleeping lately. This past week I haven’t had more than 3 hours of sleep a night, if I’m lucky. I’m grateful for even getting that much but it’s not enough. Even melatonin isn’t helping and that’s about as hardcore as I can personally get because I need to be …

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Emmett’s birthday was a success

I feel like we had a pretty good day. Emmett’s birthday, while not what I would have liked for him, made him happy and that’s what matters. Lizze and her made a carrot cake for him and dropped it off. That was cool way for them to be a part of this important day. We …

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We had some #vaccine related hiccups

I wanted to explain the hiccup with school that we ran into. I mentioned this in a recent post and never circled back to explain. I figured I start the day off with some writing and this is a good place to start. The issue we ran into is with vaccines for both Elliott and …

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