This is an unbelievably busy week

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It’s going to be a seriously busy week and it’s going to involve a great deal of driving. Elliott has an appointment at Akron Children’s Hospital in the morning. This is for a medication check with the behavioral health center. The drive will likely be longer than the actual appointment… Read more »

A major update

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I know I keep saying this and I apologize but this is going to be a super quick update. This is in regards to the meeting I had today. You can read the previous posts (beginning here) to see the background on that. Without going into detail, this meeting went… Read more »

I’m so scared

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I’m getting ready to leave for the most difficult meeting of my life. I feel sick to my stomach, I haven’t eaten anything and I only slept for about a half hour last night. You can read what this is all about in the below link. “I’m no longer a… Read more »

I’m no longer a child

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It’s hard to imagine how one person can have such an impact on my life that even 30 years later, the sight of them instantly brings back feelings of being powerless, terrified and ashamed.

Emmett is scared to death he has #whoopingcough and here’s how we’re handling it

We’ve been very careful what we said around Emmett but he looked it up himself and that has him terrified. At that point, we felt it best to be very honest with him about what Whooping Cough is.

I’m barely holding on by a thread but tomorrow is a new day

I’m so stressed out that I’m clenching my teeth and now they’re sore. I don’t do it in my sleep cause I always feel better in the AM. I’m giving up on the rest of the day and heading to bed.

Moment of truth

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A bit later on this afternoon, State Farm will be back out to reevaluate the damage to our house from the storm a couple months back. This has been a long, drawn out process but we finally got the tree removed and they can finally, fully assess the damage to… Read more »