12 things this #Autism Parent will no longer apologize or feel guilty for

As an Autism Parent for over a decade, I’ve experienced all kinds of judgement and ridicule. The world can be a very unforgiving place for parents like me.  We do things that people don’t understand or frankly, misunderstand because it’s what we have to do in order to survive.

I’ve made a decision today and I’m encouraging all my Autism famiiles to do the same thing.… Read More

10 Things my Autistic kids wished you knew

Written by me, Rob Gorski and dedicated to my amazingly beautiful children. 

1. I’m sorry I have meltdowns but I’m not a spoiled brat. I’m just so much younger on the inside than I am on the outside.

2. I’m easily overwhelmed because I see and hear everything. I hear the lights hum and clock tick. Everything is so loud it makes my head hurt all the time and my eyes hurt from all the bright lights.… Read More

10 Things I forgot to mention

There’s always stuff that I forget to mention at the end of the day. Lately I’ve been too burned out to really write as much as I’d like to. 

That being said, as wanted to touch on a few things that I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten about and bring those interested, up to speed. Some of these are pretty basic and others are a bit more personal but either way, they all provide additional insights.… Read More