Can you relate to this 1 major challenge of #Autism Parenting? 

I find it incredibly difficult to ensure that my kids with Autism maintain a balanced diet. For that matter, I have such a hard time simply getting my kids to eat anything.

We are very much a sensory oriented family and that presents many obstacles for me as a parent. The biggest being how unbelievably sensitive my …

Can you identify the 2 reasons we experienced massive meltdowns this week? 

While I feel as though we had a pretty good week, there were two things that I can pinpoint that triggered meltdowns from my youngest of three with Autism. 

Meltdowns are a very dynamic phenomenon because while it’s common for kids with Autism to experience them, the triggers, duration and severity of the meltdowns can and will …

What’s your experience with #Autism? 

Everyone knows my experience when it comes to Autism because you’ve been reading about it for eight or nine years now.  

Since Autism is a human condition that varies from person to person, I would never assume to know your personal experience with Autism because I’ve not walked in your shoes.  

Having said that, I would really like to …

How do you feel about Toni Braxton claiming her son is no longer Autistic? 

​I don’t get why people are so defensive of Toni Braxton’s announcement that her son is no longer on the Autism Spectrum. Autism cannot be cured. That’s not just my opinion but instead a medical fact.

I don’t really care if she actually said he was cured or if she simply said he’s off the spectrum.  The only …

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