Can you identify the 2 reasons we experienced massive meltdowns this week? 

While I feel as though we had a pretty good week, there were two things that I can pinpoint that triggered meltdowns from my youngest of three with Autism. 

Meltdowns are a very dynamic phenomenon because while it’s common for kids with Autism to experience them, the triggers, duration and severity of the meltdowns can and will vary from person to person. 

As parents, I feel like we’re always on the lookout for things that will trigger a meltdown and then do whatever we can to avoid those triggers.… Read More

What’s your experience with #Autism? 

Everyone knows my experience when it comes to Autism because you’ve been reading about it for eight or nine years now.  

Since Autism is a human condition that varies from person to person, I would never assume to know your personal experience with Autism because I’ve not walked in your shoes.… Read More

How much time do you spend each day worrying about your child with #Autism? 

I’m so overwhelmed by my life sometimes.  There are so many things that I have to juggle and/or balance, each and every day. 

Aside of from the obvious reasons for being overwhelmed, a large part of my day is consumed with worry.Read More

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