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A Fun Q&A with My Autistic Son (S6E48)

Answering Random Listener Questions with My Autistic SOn

Watch John Oliver’s powerful and informative advice on #vaccines

Watch the brave John Oliver’s powerful advice on #vaccinesI’m a huge fan of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. Not only is he funny, but he takes on real life topics and does so in a way that presents the facts. He’s brought about actual change as a result of some of the topics he’s taken on. …

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#Trumpcare and Special Needs families

This is a really quick post because I’m very much concerned about the repeal of a Obamacare. This has nothing to do with politics, and I frankly don’t care who you voted for, because that’s your personal business.  I know there are plenty of programs with the current health care system, but are we heading …

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How has #Autism impacted your life today

It’s incredibly important we talk about how Autism can impact a family. This isn’t about blaming a child or hating Autism. This is about dealing with the reality of what is very likely, a difficult situation. It’s important for people to understand the ways that raising a child with Autism can impact the family unit. …

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I’ve noticed something interesting about my kids with #Autism 

My kids can say some crazy shit sometimes. That’s got nothing to do with Autism, it’s just their cheeky personalities. ☺  That being said, I have noticed something that seems to be a common phrase between my kids, in one particular situation and I don’t think they’re doing it on purpose.  Whenever they are encouraged …

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Can you relate to this 1 major challenge of #Autism Parenting? 

I find it incredibly difficult to ensure that my kids with Autism maintain a balanced diet. For that matter, I have such a hard time simply getting my kids to eat anything. We are very much a sensory oriented family and that presents many obstacles for me as a parent. The biggest being how unbelievably …

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Can you identify the 2 reasons we experienced massive meltdowns this week? 

While I feel as though we had a pretty good week, there were two things that I can pinpoint that triggered meltdowns from my youngest of three with Autism. Meltdowns are a very dynamic phenomenon because while it’s common for kids with Autism to experience them, the triggers, duration and severity of the meltdowns can …

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What’s your experience with #Autism? 

Everyone knows my experience when it comes to Autism because you’ve been reading about it for eight or nine years now.   Since Autism is a human condition that varies from person to person, I would never assume to know your personal experience with Autism because I’ve not walked in your shoes.   Having said …

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