My son with #Autism turns trash into art :)

One of Elliott's little things is that he loves to repurpose things. He's always taking old bottles, toilet paper rolls, broken toys and anything else that's ready for the curb and making it into something special. I'm not sure what to call what he does but he repurposing or recycling old or unwanted things into little works of art that he then gives away.  This particular creation is from the game Viva Piñata, although I don't know what character it is and hemdoesnt remember. Either way, he repurposed an empty Danimals smoothie bottle and a few broken Nerf darts.  This has been gifted unto me and I'm honored to receive it. ♥️   


Art by Emmett: Sadness

I wanted to share Emmett's little coloring page he did the other day. He loves Inside Out colored this picture of Sadness. I love sharing my kids art because it always brightens someone's day... 😀❤️👍   


Art By Elliott: Inside Out

With the dawn of the new school year there is a return to constant flow of new artwork to share. This is one of my favorite things about the school year. 😀 Elliott is the first one up.    


Art by Emmett: Something from Minecraft

I wanted to share this cool picture that Emmett did while in therapy tonight. I believe this is called a Blaze and its from Minecraft.  He worked really hard on this and I think it's pretty darn amazing.  I love my kids artwork because I can see pieces of who they are inside their creative endeavors.  Beautiful artwork Emmett. Daddy's very proud of you. ❤️👍   


Art By Emmett: #Minecraft

i wanted to share this picture that Emmett, my youngest of three with Autism, drew for me. 😀 As with most kids, Emmett is very much into Minecraft and loves drawing pictures that reflect his interests. He just decided to draw this for me as a surprise and I just love it.. ❤️ As always, please feel free to leave your positive feedback below.