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Emmett drew himself as a superhero and it’s adorbs

For an art project at school, the kids were asked to draw themselves as a superhero. In my book, these kids are all superheros on their own, but this was much more fun. ☺ Emmett drew himself as Harry Potter. Lizze has been reading Harry Potter to the boys each night and Emmett’s a big …

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Artwork by Elliott

I wanted to take a minute and share one of Elliott’s latest pictures. He’s sorta taken to drawing this Summer and I’m happy to see him using his imagination… ☺ 

Why I’m having my son draw pictures

I asked Gavin to draw another picture today. I do this because I want to pull him away from his tablet, and have him work on something he used to really enjoy.  Gavin loves sketching, but has gotten away from it this year, for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is that he’s …

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Impressive artwork by Emmett

The other day, Emmett brought this picture home from school. I guess he drew this during his free time and wanted to share it.  I’m impressed with this because he drew a 3D block and then drew it pulled apart, in 3D. That takes some insight into how to manipulate 3D objects and then draw …

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MUST SEE pictures for my kids art show

We had literacy night at my kids school this evening. It’s basically a night that encourages family time and reading. The kids love to go to these things and we always go but I’m not a huge fan.  It’s always crowded, including lots of heavy smokers that smell of cigarettes, and it’s really hot with …

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Artwork by Emmett: Self portrait 

The results of Emmett’s first school project for the new school year

Today, Emmett brought home the results of the first school project he took on this year. He ended up doing very well.   Apparently, this project was in regards to habitats.  Part of this was done working on an individual basis and the other part was working within a group of peers. Great job Emmett. …

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Killing time at therapy today with art

This is how Elliott killed time while waiting for his brother today