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Today’s Victory: Quite a few stops to fix his shoes

I took the boys to the park for another mile or so of Pokémon Go. Lizze stayed behind because of her feet. She thinks they’re beginning to feel better and doesn’t want to overdue it.  Considering how hot it was, how many people were at the park, and their very limited attention span, I’m really …

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We totally went Pokémon hunting because what else would we do

The boys and I went Pokémon hunting tonight.  Gavin came with us but didn’t want to play.  We took a lap around the track and the boys caught a ton of Pokémon.  We walked a total of roughly two miles and by we I mean everyone. I didn’t have to carry Emmett at all.  We …

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Decisions – Decisions – Decisions 

Trying to be creative in the way we keep the boys moving this Summer