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The crew from @vivintgivesback flew out to spend the day with the @the_autism_dad family and it was awesome

Buffer12 Share10 +12 Pin1 Share1 Tweet RedditShares 26Today was absolutely amazing.  For those tardy to the party, the crew from Vivint Gives Back, flew all the way from Utah to… Read more »


We had a few pretty awesome #Autism victories this weekend

+17 Pin2 Share1 Reddit Tweet Share BufferShares 10There are quite a few positive things to celebrate this weekend. It’s sorta hard to focus on them because the boys are really… Read more »


Today’s Victory: Putting Others First

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Buffer9 +14 Share Reddit Share Tweet PinShares 13This is a bit early for a Today’s Victory but I was so impressed that I pulled the trigger and gave the award… Read more »


Today’s Major #Autism Victory: Eating Dinner

+18 Share1 Reddit Buffer Tweet Share PinShares 9I don’t have to explain how difficult it can be to get a child with Autism and/or Sensory Processing Disorder to most of… Read more »


Today’s Victory: Survival

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Buffer9 +15 Pin3 Share1 Share1 Tweet RedditShares 19It was a really difficult day but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything for me to be grateful for… Sometimes when your a… Read more »


Today’s Victory: A Few Moments of Peace

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Buffer9 +15 Share1 Reddit Tweet Share PinShares 15As difficult as Saturday was, we weren’t without our little victories..  As I mentioned in the previous post, Emmett really struggled today and… Read more »


I’m so grateful my kids let me rest this afternoon

+17 Pin1 Share1 Reddit Tweet Share BufferShares 9I’m so grateful to the boys for letting me nap a little bit this afternoon. I haven’t been feeling well since I got… Read more »


Today’s Autism Victory: Walking a mile in his shoes

Buffer7 Share5 Reddit Tweet +1 Share PinShares 12I want to take a few minutes and share a pretty big victory we celebrated tonight. The world at large probably won’t understand… Read more »