The crew from @vivintgivesback flew out to spend the day with the @the_autism_dad family and it was awesome

Today was absolutely amazing.  For those tardy to the party, the crew from Vivint Gives Back, flew all the way from Utah to spend the day with my family.

There was a great deal of stress and anxiety leading up to this, simply because trying to get the house presentable can present many challenges.  … Read More

We had a few pretty awesome #Autism victories this weekend

There are quite a few positive things to celebrate this weekend. It’s sorta hard to focus on them because the boys are really struggling and that tends to overshadow things. 

That being said, I wanted to shine the light on a few things that have been positive before continuing on with the less pleasant reality of our lives at the moment. 

Gavin did something really awesome yesterday.… Read More

Today’s Major #Autism Victory: Eating Dinner

I don’t have to explain how difficult it can be to get a child with Autism and/or Sensory Processing Disorder to most of you because you live it everyday. 

This type of food proclivities run rampant in The Autism Dad household and meal times are very challenging as a result. 

It’s for this reason that I’m celebrating what I consider a major victory tonight. 

Emmett is so difficult to feed, especially when he’s in the midst of a fever flare.… Read More

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