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Gavin just finished a very painful infusion

Poor Gavin had a really rough IVIG infusion this evening. Everything went as it normally does but for some reason it was really painful. Every once in awhile, Gavin’s infusion will be incredibly painful. I haven’t a clue as to why this is, but it could be related to something as simple as needle placement. …

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So here’s how Gavin’s doing

Gavin seems to be feeling okay today. That’s obviously good news, because he had a rough night, as I said earlier. He’s currently sleeping, but that’s likely just his morning meds.  We’re taking it easy this afternoon but plan on walking as the sun becomes a little more skin friendly.  Hopefully, Gavin will wake up …

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Gavin had a bad reaction to his #IVIG infusion

Gavin gets his IVIG infusion this morning, but I’m a tiny bit concerned. When he had his last infusion on Friday or Saturday, he got sick afterwards. He began not feeling well about an hour after it was done.  He soon became sick to his stomach and needed his anti-nausea medication, in order to make …

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