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There’s only 1 thing that could make things worse and it just happened

I have been sharing how stressed out and worried I am over Gavin’s current immunological crisis. I consider it a crisis because there is a nationwide shortage of GAMMAGARD. This… Read more »

1 phone call has sent me into a complete panic

I wrote about frustrations and explanations for why guardianship hasn’t been completed for Gavin. I was explaining how things keep coming up that force us to reprioritize everything. See: I’m… Read more »

Gavin’s IVIG infusion is NOT going well today

Gavin’s been undergoing his IVIG infusion for over five hours now and it’s still not done. This is not a good thing because he’s getting extremely anxious and understandably so…. Read more »

Teaching Gavin to help manage his own health care

Once again, Gavin has been shorted supplies for his IVIG infusions. As it stands, he doesn’t have enough left to do his next infusion on Friday. Rather than simply take… Read more »

Gavin’s is struggling and it’s heartbreaking

Gavin’s having a rough morning. He really struggled to setup his IVIG infusion today. At one point, he ran into what he perceived to be a problem and couldn’t work… Read more »

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