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Gavin did an amazing job this morning

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Gavin did a really good job this morning in regards to his IVIG infusion. He got up early and put it together, woke me up in order to check it and then completed the procedure without any help. For me personally, that’s a great way to start the week because… Read more »

Unfortunately, I had to teach Gavin a lesson this morning

Unfortunately, Gavin’s having to learn a lesson this morning. Every Monday and Friday morning, Gavin needs his IVIG infusion. This is something he’ll have to do for the rest of his life. It’s not something that gets better and it’s only likely to get worse over time. We have a… Read more »

Gavin’s doing better in this area

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I know Gavin struggles in most areas of his life. That’s just the reality of the situation and I won’t sugar coat or spin that. It’s frustrating as his parent because I find myself having to micromanage is life and I don’t want to be doing that. Having said that,… Read more »

Emotionally absorbing another heartbreaking struggle, it must be Monday

As with every Monday and Friday for so many years now, Gavin needed his IVIG infusion this morning. Once again, Gavin put the supplies together in order to receive what essentially amounts to an antibody transfusion. This is only necessary because his body is unable to produce the necessary immunoglobulins… Read more »

Gavin’s #IVIG infusion was a very frustrating experience today

So Gavin’s medication arrived. We went through the newly received supplies and figured out how to draw up the new solution. Previously, we were using 3, 10cc vials for a total of 30cc’s of solution. With the new medication, there are 2 vials total. The first vial contains 10cc’s and… Read more »

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