Why I withheld my son’s IVIG infusion this week  

I’m pretty sure I told you that Gavin’s IVIG supplies were delivered on Wednesday. What I didn’t explain was that we held off on giving it to him until Friday. 

The reason behind that seemingly counterintuitive move was simple.

By the time we could have given him his infusion on Wednesday, it would have been really late in …

Major Update on Gavin’s missing medications

Throughout the day, I had about half a dozen different conversations in regards to Gavin not receiving his IVIG medications and supplies. I spoke with his doctor, his insurance case manager and the head pharmacist at the pharmacy we want to switch to for his supplies. 

Let’s get this out of the way first. 

Gavin’s doctor’s office was finally …

1 big problem we had with Gavin’s IVIG infusion today

I mentioned in an earlier post that Gavin has some problems with his IVIG infusion this morning. It was actually more of a problem during his infusion and not really with the infusion itself. 

Normally, he sits in the same place on the same couch and plays the same game on the Xbox or his tablet, to …

When IVIG Infusions go wrong

Gavin’s IVIG infusion has been a disaster so far. First of all, the supply company shorted us the needles needed to draw up his meds. I had to find a pharmacy that carried theses and was willing to sell me some without a script. Honestly, who would be buying these things without some a script? I guess I …

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