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We got some bad news from the vet about Maggie’s injury

I have a few minutes to update everyone on what happened with Maggie at the vet’s office this afternoon.

Maggie’s got a clean bill of health

Maggie had what was believed to be a cancerous tumor removed from her leg about a week and a half ago.  The surgery went well and she has recovered nicely.  This morning, she went in for her followup appointment and to get her stitches removed.  Thankfully, she has a clean bill of health and is …

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Maggie gets her stitches removed this morning

It’s a packed house today with both boys being home from school.  The benadryl seems to be helping and they are slowly feeling better as the day goes on.  Perhaps it was more allergy related? Either way,  they will have to come with me to get Maggie’s stitches out.  I can’t put this off any …

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We had some truly awesome news today 

There’s a great deal I could say about today but let’s just focus on positive things that came out of today.  The single biggest thing that came out of today was Maggie having surgery to remove a tumor from her leg. We were all very concerned because she’s getting old and there are always risks …

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Here’s some awesome news :)

Maggie was dropped off at the vet’s office a little after 7am this morning. She’s will be having surgery on her front right leg to remove a large rumor that bares all the signs of cancer.     I found a new growth on her back last night but the vet said it was just a …

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We could use your thoughts and prayers today

My family is battling enough but now we are adding to it the fact that our beloved dog Maggie, is going in for surgery this morning to remove what is very likely a cancerous tumor on her right leg.  I’ve explained to the boys what’s going on, without mentioning cancer. They don’t need to carry …

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