Maggie’s got cyst like growths popping up

Maggie is our 10 year old English Staffy/Boxer mix. She’s been one of the best decisions we ever made for our . While Bella was loved and missed when she had to be rehomed, if anything happened to , it would be devastating..

While brushing Maggie this afternoon, I discovered several lumps under her skin. 


These lumps are a little bigger than an average sized marble. They are beneathe the skin and seems to be sorta floaty and squishy. Maggie is a very muscular dog and so they weren’t as apparent. 

She’s acting fine but these are concerning and I’m going to get her into the vet sometime tomorrow or Tuesday. Maybe they’re just swollen lymph nodes but maybe they’re not. 😕

She’s also got these black skin tag like things popping up as well. 

I’m really nervous because Maggie is very, very special to everyone and if there is something wrong, I can’t even begin to imagine the impact this would have on my already traumatized kids. 

Here’s the deal. Please send your positive thoughts her way and I’ll get her in ASAP for a checkup. With any luck, this will be nothing major. I can put this in the pages of my past, while the boys live on in blissful ignorance. 👍

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  • Pam Spychalski

    Typical rule of thumb, if you can move it it’s probably just a fatty cyst. When they are hard and attached it’s more of a reason for concern.

  • Jude Leobold

    Just took our Eli for a check, and arthritis, his lumps got checked, the new one was tested, fatty tumours….don’t worry!

  • Jude Leobold

    My prayers are with you, I love my dogs, but my kids!? Over the years we have had situations. is fine, I refuse to think otherwise! Eli is my oldest dog at 13 years.

  • Michelle Petzold

    My bichon has these. We had one removed due to discomfort and it was tested benign. As others have said, just fatty tumors. I hope it is the same for Maggie!

  • Nicole Logan

    My Vala had a cyst form and it grew quickly after she had puppies. It was on her chest and grew quickly to the size of a child’s head (crude comparison). it was fatty tissue so before we weren’t worried bc were told not to be but as it grew. …. well, when they removed it out had become vascular which means it had blood flowing to it but the removal went easy she was like a young puppy again afterwards. And my older dog has the skin tags. He’s 12. They say it’s normal

  • The Autism Dad

    Thanks everyone. U0001f600

  • Janet Meliti

    Hoping its nothing serious and things end well and this one more situation behind ya soon for the boys sake

  • Susie Redfern

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  • EllenBeck

    I had a chow chow  who started growing cysts as she got older. The first one I went in and got it checked and found out they were just fluid filled. (much like cysts people get that are fluid fiilled) The vet tookk basically a pin and it was clear fluid.

    Being pretty confortable with it, and considering the cysts kept coming back eventually we got so we did the process at home of draining them. They could have been removed, but at that point, Jiffy was 11 ish which is old for a chow, and the vet didnt want to put her under and neither did I when it was as simple as draining it. She lived to the ripe old age of 16.

    I am hoping your is having the typical old dog stuff happening.

  • I actually just got off the phone with the vet. They said they could see her but as long as the cysts aren’t hard and sorta locked in place, it’s likely just a fatty cyst and nothing to worry about unless it gets really big. 🙂

  • Beth n

    Good thoughts out for and the family