Maggie’s got cyst like growths popping up

Maggie is our 10 year old English Staffy/Boxer mix. She’s been one of the best decisions we ever made for our family. While Bella was loved and missed when she had to be rehomed, if anything happened to Maggie, it would be devastating..

While brushing Maggie this afternoon, I discovered several lumps under her skin. 


These lumps are a little bigger than an average sized marble. They are beneathe the skin and seems to be sorta floaty and squishy. Maggie is a very muscular dog and so they weren’t as apparent. 

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She’s acting fine but these are concerning and I’m going to get her into the vet sometime tomorrow or Tuesday. Maybe they’re just swollen lymph nodes but maybe they’re not. 😕

She’s also got these black skin tag like things popping up as well. 

I’m really nervous because Maggie is very, very special to everyone and if there is something wrong, I can’t even begin to imagine the impact this would have on my already traumatized kids. 

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Here’s the deal. Please send your positive thoughts her way and I’ll get her in ASAP for a checkup. With any luck, this will be nothing major. I can put this in the pages of my past, while the boys live on in blissful ignorance. 👍