Maggie just got into a fight with a massive raccoon

I just let Maggie outside and not two seconds after she hit the porch, something came walking up the steps. 

Maggie was gone and all I heard this really loud growling.  

Next thing I know, Maggie’s going absolutely crazy and she’s in a fight with something.  

I ran into the house to grab a flashlight and wiffle bat before dashing back out to the yard.… Read More

Our Naughty Dog Caught On Camera: You have to see this to believe it (@vivinthome)

It’s been a really long night already and it’s not over yet.  The boys came home today and when we went tried to put them in bed, we ran into a a problem.  

Elliott soon discovered that his bed was soaked and I mean soaked. I’m not talking someone spilled a water bottle kinda wet either.  We’re talking someone or something dropped like a gallon of pee all over his bed. 

Everyone was confused because the amount was so much that it had to be a person.… Read More

I have some really good news about Maggie

It’s been a bit over two weeks since Maggie was to the vet about her back leg.  If you remember, Maggie completely severed her ACL on her back left leg. 

She’s been living in her kennel for the past 2+ weeks because it was the only way to allow the injury to scar over.  

I had to keep her on a leash to go potty outside so she didn’t try to run and make things worse. 

Maggie has finally been released and while I will keep her on a leash when outside doing her business. 

She free to roam the house once again and is thankfully able to use the stairs as well.… Read More

A big update on Maggie’s recovery

Maggie got to spend some time outside of her kennel tonight. That may not seem like news worthy of a post but she’s just finishing up her first full week of living in her kennel. 

Maggie recently severed her ACL, meaning it’s no longer attached to anything.  

The surgery needed to fix this is $6000.00 on the low end. Since that’s not possible, the vet wants her to be on complete bed rest for 2 weeks.… Read More

We got some bad news from the vet about Maggie’s injury

The boys and I have been back home from the vet’s office and eaten dinner.  I have a few minutes to update everyone on what happened with Maggie at the vet’s office this afternoon.  
About 2 weeks ago, Maggie was playing with Gavin outside and started limping.  

I was between pays and couldn’t get her into the vet right away but spoke with the vet and she was put on best rest for lack of a better term.… Read More

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