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Our Naughty Dog Caught On Camera: You have to see this to believe it (@vivinthome)

Tweet6 Share2 Pin2 Share Reddit Buffer +1Shares 10It’s been a really long night already and it’s not over yet.  The boys came home today and when we went tried to… Read more »


I have some really good news about Maggie

So here’s how Maggie’s doing after 2 weeks of bedrest


A big update on Maggie’s recovery

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Here’s how Maggie’s doing after her first week of bed rest…..

We got some bad news from the vet about Maggie’s injury

I have a few minutes to update everyone on what happened with Maggie at the vet’s office this afternoon.


Maggie’s got a clean bill of health

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Share13 Pin3 Share2 Reddit Tweet +1 BufferShares 18Maggie had what was believed to be a cancerous tumor removed from her leg about a week and a half ago.  The surgery… Read more »


Maggie gets her stitches removed this morning

Buffer9 Share9 Pin3 Share1 Reddit Tweet +1Shares 22It’s a packed house today with both boys being home from school.  The benadryl seems to be helping and they are slowly feeling… Read more »


We had some truly awesome news today 

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Share11 Share10 Pin3 Reddit Tweet +1 BufferShares 24There’s a great deal I could say about today but let’s just focus on positive things that came out of today.  The single… Read more »


Here’s some awesome news :)

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Share8 Reddit Share Buffer Tweet +1 PinShares 8Maggie was dropped off at the vet’s office a little after 7am this morning. She’s will be having surgery on her front right… Read more »