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Maggie killed a little baby bird today

I had Maggie outside this morning in the yard. She’s been irritating me lately because she takes forever to use the bathroom. This morning was no exception.  When she didn’t come back up the steps, I went down to find her.  She was obviously looking for something but was unable to find it. Turns out …

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My pit bull viciously attacking my leg proves stereotype

Maggie is our ten-year-old English Staffy. She’s more commonly referred to as a pit bull. This breed gets an absolutely horrible rap because some of these dogs have assholes for owners. Any dog with an asshole for an owner can end up violent. Maggie is the absolute most gentle dog I’ve ever met in my …

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Maggie just got into a fight with a massive raccoon

I just let Maggie outside and not two seconds after she hit the porch, something came walking up the steps.  Maggie was gone and all I heard this really loud growling.   Next thing I know, Maggie’s going absolutely crazy and she’s in a fight with something.   I ran into the house to grab …

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Our Naughty Dog Caught On Camera: You have to see this to believe it (@vivinthome)

It’s been a really long night already and it’s not over yet.  The boys came home today and when we went tried to put them in bed, we ran into a a problem.   Elliott soon discovered that his bed was soaked and I mean soaked. I’m not talking someone spilled a water bottle kinda …

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I have some really good news about Maggie

So here’s how Maggie’s doing after 2 weeks of bedrest

A big update on Maggie’s recovery

Here’s how Maggie’s doing after her first week of bed rest…..

We got some bad news from the vet about Maggie’s injury

I have a few minutes to update everyone on what happened with Maggie at the vet’s office this afternoon.

Maggie’s got a clean bill of health

Maggie had what was believed to be a cancerous tumor removed from her leg about a week and a half ago.  The surgery went well and she has recovered nicely.  This morning, she went in for her followup appointment and to get her stitches removed.  Thankfully, she has a clean bill of health and is …

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