Please keep my son in your thoughts and prayers 

Today while we were walking the track, Gavin experienced what could be described a blackout. It happened twice and last only a few seconds. 

While walking, he says that everything just went black and he couldn’t see anymore. 

Gavin has been diagnosed with Epilepsy but hasn’t had a witnessed seizure in years.… Read More

Gavin had a bad reaction to his IVIG infusion tonight because apparently, life isn’t challenging enough already 

As you know, Gavin receives IVIG infusions twice a week because he’s living with a severely compromised immune system.

The actual medication is called GAMMAGARD and it’s basically made up of antibodies from many, many different donors.… Read More

Bad News: Gavin’s Hallucinations Have Gotten Worse

The news worth hearing about today, centers around Gavin and his worsening hallucinations.  I’m really tired but I wanted to write this before going to bed.

While we were playing Minecraft together, Gavin unloaded today’s mission report on me. 

To the best of my recollection, Gavin shared that Eggman and Zurg (from Buzz Lightyear) have joined forces and the Universe was in great danger.… Read More

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