PLEASE keep Gavin in your thoughts and prayers for the next few days

The boys and I went to Walmart yesterday, and picked up some groceries. Right now they’re into eating chicken, so we stocked up on chicken beast, chicken tenders and things like that. 

At dinner tonight, Gavin wanted to make himself some chicken tenders. He took a couple large ones from the bag and heated them up in the …

Gavin’s in the emergency room please keep him in your prayers 

We’re waiting to go back, but I wanted to take a minute and ask that you keep Gavin in your thoughts and prayers.  

Currently were at the emergency room because Gavin has been experiencing something going today that could end up being very serious, especially with a compromised immune system.  

Essentially, Gavin’s been peeing blood today, and we …

Please keep my son in your thoughts and prayers 

Today while we were walking the track, Gavin experienced what could be described a blackout. It happened twice and last only a few seconds. 

While walking, he says that everything just went black and he couldn’t see anymore. 

Gavin has been diagnosed with Epilepsy but hasn’t had a witnessed seizure in years. It’s entirely possible that what happened …

We could use some thoughts, prayers or positive energies for Gavin today

Today’s a really big day for us. There’s a couple of reasons but only one that really matters. You see, today we finally get Gavin into the psychiatrist and figure out exactly what needs to be done to help him.  

Gavin’s been in a psychotic break for over three months now and I’m not sure what we can …

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