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A long overdue update and a request for thoughts and prayers

I’m burning the candle at both ends. I’m sleep deprived and not running on all cylinders. Emmett’s really struggling right now and last night he was in crisis. It’s not something I will go into details about but I’m currently working with Akron Children’s, his therapist and his mother to do whatever we can to …

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Gavin’s in the hospital and here’s what happened

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting on the floor at the hospital, because Gavin was rushed here by ambulance tonight. We aren’t entirely sure what’s going on. He’s stable but in rough shape. We suspect it’s a reaction to his meds. I had actually recorded a pod this morning and talked about what’s going on …

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Please send your thoughts and prayers

On Tuesday evening, Lizze’s grandmother passed away tonight. This was very sudden and it’s been a difficult evening for everyone. 😔 If you could please send you thoughts and prayers to Lizze and her family, they could really use it. We haven’t figured out what we’re going to tell the boys yet but I think …

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Please keep Gavin in your thoughts and prayers this morning

Gavin has now gone more than 24 hours without eating. For someone who loves their life around eat meal of the day, that wasn’t easy and it’s still going to be almost half a day before he’s able to eat. We will arrive at Akron Children’s Hospital in about 2 hours, and his scopes are …

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The doctor called with heartbreaking news

I received a call today from Gavin’s doctor. When I saw who it was, my stomach knotted up and my heart sank. They never call unless it’s bad news. I was right. Apparently, Gavin’s numbers are crashing again. I’m currently waiting for him to come out from having his labs drawn for the second time …

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I’m in Urgent Care

I was trying to wait until I see my doctor in the morning but my back has gotten too bad. It’s making me physically ill and I won’t make it until tomorrow. My parents have the kids and we’re waiting to be called back. To be honest, it’s pretty gross and extremely painful. I’m nauseated …

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