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A major realization at marriage counseling

As mentioned previously, Lizze and I had our third session of marriage counseling yesterday. The boys hung out with their grandparents while we were there. The main topic of this appointment slowly became Gavin. Lizze and I are really struggling with Gavin lately and not for the reasons you might suspect. We’re struggling with things …

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Why I’m excited about marriage counseling 

We just dropped the boys off at their Grandparents and are now on our way to marriage counseling. Today’s session will be our third and I’m excited.   I think that when most people hear that someone’s in marriage counseling and assume that the couple going is in some kind of relationship trouble. Perhaps that’s …

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What I learned in marriage counseling today

Here’s the biggest thing I learned in marriage counseling today

#Autism Parenting and Marriage Counseling 

Marriage Counseling is something that is in our foreseeable future