Why I’m excited about marriage counseling 

We just dropped the boys off at their Grandparents and are now on our way to marriage counseling.

Today’s session will be our third and I’m excited.


I think that when most people hear that someone’s in marriage counseling and assume that the couple going is in some kind of relationship trouble.
Perhaps that’s true for some but not for Lizze and I.

Marriage is tough and the divorce rate is so high anymore.  When you factor in being a blended family, kids with Autism and fragile health, things get a whole lot more difficult.

Lizze and I sorta lost ourselves about two years ago. It took thirteen years for it to happen but we’ve learned from the past and are moving forward once again..

Together, we both realize that we neglected our marriage because we were consumed with our special needs children.

Having never done anything like special needs parenting before, our instincts were to put everything we had into our kids, even if it took away from ourselves.

We’ve since learned that we have to make ourselves a priority because if we don’t, we’ll not be the patents our kids need us to be.

Marriage counseling is helping us to learn new tools to help us better care for ourselves and each other.  So when I say I’m excited, that’s because I really am excited….

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  • BJW says:

    That’s great, Rob. Glad to hear it helps.

  • BJW says:

    That’s great, Rob. Glad to hear it helps.