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Why we spent our down time feeling down 

We’ve had a really long day. It was a mixed bag of good and bad, but it was a day we survived. In fact, there were even some times we thrived. ☺  I mentioned in a previous post that Elliott and Emmett had me up for most of the night. As a result, I got …

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All that matters is that they get to go

The boys are gone, and on their way to the Akron Zoo with their Grandparents. That’s a bit of mixed emotion for us, because we wanted to take the boys, but all that matters is that they get to go. We’ll just take them to the Cleveland Zoo in a few weeks.  As far as …

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This can really take it out of an #Autism parent

Lizze and I will be getting a break this fine Sunday. The boys will be spending the day, and subsequent night with their Grandparents.  It feels like we haven’t had a night off in forever, but it’s only been about two weeks. It’s amazing how two weeks of raising three kids with Autism can take …

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