Why I’m worried about my wife

I don’t talk publicly about my wife much since the reconciliation and I thinks that’s just out of habit. It’s something I aim to correct because obviously she’s a very important part of this journey. 

That being said, I’m worried about her. 

The last few days, she’s been beyond exhausted. I’m talking physically unable to stay awake.

General Update: We have 2 important things to talk about 

There are two things I need to touch base on in regards to our day today. 

By far, the most important update has to do with Mr. Gavin and his eating of the raw chicken. I kinda joke about the ridiculousness of this but it’s actually pretty serious or could be very serious. 

Gavin has gone well over …

MAJOR UPDATE: Here’s what’s going on with my wife

There’s a part of me that’s still getting used to my wife and I being back together, in regards to my writing anyway. I don’t often include her in my writing because I got so used to avoiding any mentions while we were separated for almost two years. This is a problem, and I mean to address …

We had some last minute appointments come up today

We had a lot minute appointment come up this afternoon for Lizze. She’s having a pretty rough go at things right now and needs a little extra help. 

Gavin and I are both just hanging out in the waiting room. 

Life for Lizze isn’t always fun. Chronic pain and bipolar disorder, make things very challenging for her. …

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