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My new writing buddy

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Ruby is glued to me a large portion of the day. This is where you can typically find her while I’m in my favorite writing seat. She’s become my new writing buddy… ☺ Buffer11 Share9 Tweet4 Pin2 Reddit1 Share1 Stumble1 +1Shares 29

Behind the Scenes – Downtime with my youngest

There are times where the only thing I can do to help Emmett is to simply stop everything and snuggle. Emmett hasn’t been feeling well and on the edge of a meltdown for the last couple of days. Many kids with Autism don’t like to be touched but Emmett is… Read more »

Ruby fell asleep on my lap

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So I’ve found a new subject for my amateur photography hobby. Right now I’m loving taking pictures of Ruby. For one thing, she’s adorable and the other is she’s super cooperative. ☺ The ferrets are impossible to photograph clearly because they never stay still. I need a way better camera… Read more »

3 pictures of moments that made me smile

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We all have our good days and our bad days. Yesterday was a blend of both good and bad but there were also some bright spots as well. I wanted to highlight a couple of these bright spots because they made me smile. First up is courtesy of Mr. Gavin…. Read more »

I’ll admit it, I’m smitten

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I’ve never been a little dog person because I didn’t see the point. I’ve always had big dogs like Maggie, our 70 lbs English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. We we adopted Ruby last week, the last thing I expected was to become totally smitten. Ruby weighs a bit under 5 lbs… Read more »

My little snow angel

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Just as the school predicted and prepared us for, it’s a snowday. Mr. Emmett decided that he wanted to head outside and sweep the snow off the porch. We have to use a push broom at the moment cause our snow shovel was stolen again.. Anyway, I only let him… Read more »

We all have our reasons for getting up in the morning, even when it’s hard

Life isn’t easy for my family. It’s never been easy and there are so many times where I feel like I can’t keep going on. Sometimes, the idea of getting up in the morning, only to face the same impossible challenges, is just too much. On the other side of… Read more »

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