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Alicia Golichowski: Navigating Autism as a Single Mom (S6E33)

On this week’s episode of the Autism Dad Podcast, join us as we dive into an honest and emotional conversation with Alicia Golichowski, a single mom navigating the challenges of raising an autistic child. Alicia’s raw transparency offers comfort to those in similar situations, reminding them they’re not alone. Sharing these stories is crucial to our community, so tune in for an inspiring interview that promises to resonate with many.

Marc Jason Shares His Autism Parenting Journey (S6E31)

In this episode, we welcome Marc Jason from “Daily Autism” as he shares his poignant journey as an Autism Dad. Dive deep into the challenges, joys, and lessons learned from raising a child with autism. A heartfelt conversation not to be missed.

Grief: Helping Autistic Kids Navigate Significant Loss (S6E30)

In this week’s parenting Q&A episode, we delve deep into the sensitive topic of helping autistic children navigate grief after a significant loss. For the first time, I share my personal journey through this challenging terrain, shedding light on a subject close to my heart. It’s an emotional episode, but I hope it offers support and guidance for those facing similar challenges.

Jillian Benfield Talks Raising A Son with Down Syndrome (S6E29)

A parenting conversation about love, acceptance, and finding hope after life takes a wide left turn

The Debate Over Person First Language (S6E28)

Answering your questions about person first language because you asked