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The Fusion True Wireless Earbuds by KLH

A few things before I get into this Fusion earbuds review. I’m obsessed with wireless earbuds because I love music and hate wires. It’s one of the only ways I can escape as a single Dad to 3 autistic kiddos, especially since Covid. I’m not necessarily an audiophile but I do appreciate good quality sound …

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Check out @NoNetzSuits sensory friendly clothing

It’s no secret that sensory issues have impacted my kids for years. Clothing has been one of the most challenging for Emmett in particular. Socks have been difficult for him but we can more easily work around him not wearing socks. Unfortunately, there are some items of clothing that we really can’t easily go without. …

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Review of the @Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress

Purple Mattress

I’m reviewing the Purple Mattress, and I’m doing so in a nontraditional way because I’m a nontraditional person in nontraditional circumstances. Sleep has been a struggle for me since having kids. I’m a single Dad to three kiddos on the autism spectrum, and when they don’t sleep, I don’t sleep. Frankly, even when they do …

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Mightier Review 2020

A little background before I get into this updated 2020 Mightier review. Originally, I reviewed Mightier during the Summer of 2018. I absolutely loved it because it made a huge difference in Emmett’s life. Since then, I have been spreading the word and helping parents learn about this amazing resource. I receive so many questions …

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What’s the deal with Mightier? Frequently Asked Questions


Many of you are asking questions about Mightier and expressing interest in learning more, but you have questions. I wanted to create a FAQ or frequently asked questions post because the messages are scattered across my social media. Before we get into the questions, I wanted to give a brief explanation of what Mightier is …

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The Huggaroo Pouch is the perfect weighted blanket alternative (Review)

Huggaroo Pouch

The Huggaroo Pouch is a very affordable, high-quality compression sheet and an absolutely amazing alternative to more expensive, heavy weighted blankets.

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