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@Blogpros Review: I’ve been using this marketing service for a month and I LOVE it

I’m always being asked by my readers, how they can get started with their own blog. Blogging has been a godsend for me over the years. Blogging helps me to maintain my sanity, while neck deep in the world of Autism Parenting. I think that blogging is a healthy and… Read more »

Depression Confessions: How the @fisherwallace Stimulator is helping me battle #Depression

UPDATE: I was speaking Chip Fisher, the President of Fisher Wallace Laboratories and received an update on insurance companies that are now covering the Fisher Wallace Stimulator.  I’ll add to the list as I get new information.  Insurance companies currently covering the Fisher Wallace Stimulator: United Healthcare Medicaid in the… Read more »

(Review) Adjustable Pillow by @eightsleep

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This brief review is sponsored by Eight Sleep. They sent out their adjustable pillow for me to review and share my honest thoughts on. The opinions expressed are my own. Take $25 any Eight product, including smart mattresses, adjustable pillows, organic bed sheets and more! Use code SLEEPAFF25 Order Now… Read more »

Review- Is the EcoQube C a great project for kids with #Autism? (@DesignADI)

This review is brought to you by EcoQube. They were kind enough to send me an EcoQube C to put together with my kids and help raise some Autism Awareness. I’m always on the look out for projects I can work on with my kids. I really like to present… Read more »

Does your child with #Autism benefit from art? @artezacolors

I want to thank Arteza for sponsoring this brief review to help raise awareness for Autism. The views and opinions expressed here are solely my own and were not influenced in anyway or by anyone. Shortly before the holiday, I received a package from a company called Arteza. They make… Read more »

Review: The Botvac D3 Connected Robot Vacuum (@NeatoRobotics)

This review is sponsored by Neato Robotics. They were kind enough to send out the Botvac D3 Connected Robot Vacuum for me to review. All opinions are my own and were in no way influenced. About 2 months ago, I received a Botvac D3 Connected Robot Vacuum from Neato Robotics…. Read more »

Review of the Shark Ion Robot Vacuum: Is it worth the money? (@sharkcleaning)

This review is sponsored by Shark. They sent me the new Shark Ion Robot Vacuum to review. The review contains my own opinions and thoughts as to the Shark Ion Robot Vacuum. I was not influenced by anyone or anything. Please help me share this review. Shortly before the recent… Read more »