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Unboxing and Review of U-Lace No-Tie-Shoelaces

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It’s not very often that I become aware of a product or service that I absolutely love. In the past, it’s really only been Vivint Home and Project Lifesaver. Having said that, I was recently introduced to a company called U-Lace. They may sound familiar and that’s because you probably saw… Read more »

Taking the @WithingsEN Steel Activity and Sleep Watch on my weight-loss journey 

After my doctor’s appointment yesterday, I’m motivated to continue moving in the right direction in regards to my health. The biggest thing I have to work on is my weight and blood pressure.  These can be overwhelming to work on, but there are tools available to help keep people motivated…. Read more »

Review: How the Thermo Smart Thermometer made our lives easier (@WithingsEN)

A couple months ago, I received a Thermo Smart Thermometer from Nokia. The idea was to put it through the ringer and see how it works. Our case is a bit unusual because Emmett, our youngest, has a rare fever disorder. Tracking his temperature throughout the day has been a… Read more »

Review: Contigo Autoseal Chill and Travel Mug (@GoContigo)

I wanted to take a minute and share a few quick thoughts on the Contigo Autoseal Chill water bottle and Travel Mug I received to try out. Over the years, I’ve accumulated quite a collection of water bottles and travel mugs. The ones that I find myself gravitating to are… Read more »

(Review) This TENS Unit is Amazing

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I ordered this TENS Unit by Techcare after my wife received the same model a few weeks ago for a review she’s working on. I suffered a major back injury in 2001 while working as a firefighter paramedic. I’ve been living in pain ever since. For the most part, I’m okay now,… Read more »

Review: Rechargeable Magnetic Night Light with Motion Sensor

Review of the Rechargeable Magnetic Night Light with Motion Sensor I received this item for review purposes. I accepted this review with the intention of using it as a night light for Elliott.. It arrived a couple of days ago and ended up being smaller than I had anticipated. Having… Read more »