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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or autism, is a neurological condition that affects a large number of Canadian children and their families. In fact, it is the most common developmental disability amongst Canadians aged 5-17, with 1 in 66 children and youth diagnosed. As a result, minors with autism have trouble with social interactions, communication problems, …

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Sports You Can Encourage Your Child To Play And Why It Is Great For Them

As parents, we quite often wonder what the right thing to do for them is. We want them to have the best start in life but there are many different options out there for children of all ages. The best thing we can do though is to make sure that they are taking part in …

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Experiencing Tightness In Your Calf

Calf tightness affects a large number of people, especially those that engage in sports on a regular basis, including activities that involve running, landing and jumping. Not only can calf tightness be very painful, but also it can have a negative impact on the ease of movement you experience, which is why it is advisable …

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10 Ways To Cut Down Costs When Moving Home

Moving house is an expensive activity, just when you think you’ve handed over the money for the new house, all the other expenses start piling on top – all those costs that you’d forgotten about, so how can you cut down your spending at this expensive time? Pick Your Moving Date Carefully Did you know …

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Home Mortgage Options Comparison

When you are planning to retire or already retired, there is one major obstacle to overcome. That obstacle is money, or more to the point lack of money. When your income drops as a result of hanging up your work attire permanently, you need a way to get some cash flowing in again. As a …

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I took the kids clothes shopping tonight

The boys and I have had a long day. After school, we were getting some things done around the house before I took them to therapy. Therapy went pretty well and while it did get pretty emotional for a bit, everyone did well. I took the kids out clothes shopping because everyone has outgrown a …

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