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Purchases to Keep You Occupied During Lockdown

There are many awful things going on in the world right now. The spread of coronavirus has resulted in a worldwide pandemic and a huge amount of sickness and number of deaths. So, complaining about boredom when staying home to protect ourselves, others and the healthcare systems battling the virus can often feel like a …

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How to Balance a Nursing Career, Kids, and Still Complete an Executive Program

How to Balance a Nursing Career, Kids, and Still Complete an Executive Program Being a working parent is hard. Throw in a degree on top of it all, and it can seem downright impossible, especially if you are a working parent who has never found the whole parenting part of your job natural or easy.  …

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Yet Another Great Help for Parents On Lockdown

I was looking for new ways to help me establish a new routine at home for the kids during the lockdown. In this search, I encountered Otsimo. I have used and talked about this app before. I have also recommended it to many people. Although my children would not benefit from the app, considering their …

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Parenting Tips: How To Ease The Transition Of Moving With Kids

Relocating your family can be an exciting experience. But, on the other hand, it can be extremely stressful for your kids, especially since they know that they have no control over the transition. Despite the chaos, your children are forced to get out of their comfort zone, bid goodbye to their friends, and transfer to …

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3 Broadway Shows Your Kids Will Love

Taking your kids to see a Broadway show is a gift they’ll always remember, but which one should you see? Here are a few of the most popular shows for kids right now. Harry Potter & The Cursed Child For the very first time, the world of Harry Potter is coming to the stage. Come …

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Development stages in the first year of life

From a newborn baby who spends most of their time sleeping and eating to a toddler who won’t sit still, the transformation in the first year of life is nothing short of miraculous. Every month brings new developmental stages that are exciting to see. Although babies develop different skills at different rates, sometimes missing a …

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