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At Hibi, we’re on a mission to ensure that every family caring for a child has the support they need. I’m Sam, a cofounder at Hibi, living in London in the UK. I grew up with family and friends caring for children, including my mum who is an occupational therapist. I’ve worked for years for a charity in London supporting children with developmental conditions, particularly autism. What I was seeing was that behind every child, there is a family at home working to manage, coordinate and navigate care. Parents have to manage, store & share huge amounts of information, including medications, documents, appointments, symptoms and more. They also have to navigate a fragmented system split across health, education and social care organisations. The result is an experience that can be…

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Fall Fashion Faux Pas And Must Haves – How To Dress For The Fall And Winter In Style

As fall rolls in and winter looms, your wardrobe faces new challenges and opportunities. This guide is your key to mastering the art of dressing stylishly and comfortably in the colder months. We'll dive into the common fashion faux pas to avoid and uncover the must-have pieces that will keep you looking your best. Whether you're stepping out for a winter party or bundling up for a chilly day, these tips will ensure your fashion choices are both practical and on point. Get ready to update your style with confidence and turn heads this season! Top Fall Fashion Mistakes To Avoid This Season Navigating fall fashion can be tricky, but avoiding certain missteps can elevate your style effortlessly. First, beware of over-layering. While staying warm is key, too many layers can…

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Looking After Yourself: Taking Care Of Dad

As you age, prioritising your health becomes crucial to enjoying life's later chapters with zest and vitality. This blog serves as a toolkit for every man who wants to age with grace, offering actionable health tips to keep you on top of your game.  We cover everything you need to fuel your body, including exercises that fit your lifestyle. You'll also find strategies to address common age-related concerns with positivity and assurance. So, let's step forward into maintaining your health with smart, simple changes that can make all the difference. Welcome to your blueprint for a healthier, happier you. Techniques For A Calmer Mind And Body Tackling stress effectively means more than just dodging a bad day—it paves the way for a healthier, calmer tomorrow. Your secret weapon? Simple, everyday…

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Tips for creating an awesome reading environment for your child

Introduction If work and all the other adult responsibilities are keeping you away from having quality time with your child, you have reached the right place. It is not just about planning a day out but taking action. This blog is a sign for you to take that action! In this excerpt below, we will be discussing one of the best activities you can enjoy with your child or children today. No, it is not binging their favorite cartoon or going to an outdoor park and picnic. We will be discussing an activity that is quite mellow and, most importantly, can be done even after a long office day. Yes, we are talking about a peaceful hour of reading! Diving into the best fantasies and stories of gnomes and woodland…


The Magic of Storytelling: How Narrative Enhances Mathematical Understanding for Children with Autism

In the vast tapestry of human history, stories serve as the golden threads connecting generations. From tales whispered around ancient campfires to modern-day bestsellers, narratives have always held the power to captivate, inspire, and educate. When we consider children with autism, an audience often deeply focused on their passions, the potency of storytelling as an educational tool magnifies significantly. Autism and Learning: A Unique Landscape Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) present a constellation of strengths and challenges in the realm of learning. While conventional teaching methods may overlook their potential, children with autism often demonstrate extraordinary aptitude in their areas of interest. The key lies not in their ability but in understanding their unique cognitive processing. Mathematics, with its abstract concepts and often rigid structures, can be a challenging subject for…


Guide to Introducing New Eyewear to an Autistic Child

The moment your child's optometrist suggests that your little one needs glasses, a whirlwind of emotions might engulf you. Elation that you've identified a way to improve their visual experience, but also apprehension about how your autistic child will adapt to this new change. When your daily life already involves various strategies to ensure your child feels safe and comfortable, adding eyeglasses can feel like introducing a wild card into the mix. In this article, we'll delve deep into ways to ease the transition and help your child embrace their new accessory with enthusiasm. Visual clarity can significantly impact an autistic child's ability to interact with the world. From reading expressions to engaging in learning activities, clear sight can open doors. But the journey to making glasses a natural part…


Autism and Parenthood: Finding Strength in Challenges and Celebrating Victories

As a parent, your primary goal is to keep your child healthy, happy, and safe. However, when you are parenting a child with autism, you face unique challenges that require a different approach to parenting. From navigating therapy appointments to managing a child's special dietary needs, parenting a child with autism requires exceptional patience, understanding, and resilience. Picture credit In this article, we will discuss the challenges and rewards of being a parent to an autistic child, and how you can find strength in these challenges, celebrate your victories, and overcome the obstacles that come your way. Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder Every child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) experiences the condition differently, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting children with ASD. However, understanding the key features and characteristics…


Balancing Autism Parenting with Dementia Care Needs in Arizona

As a parent with an autistic child, your care plate will already be pretty full. So, if you are also facing life with a parent who has been diagnosed with dementia, you may be wondering how you are going to cope and what you need to do. Take a big deep breath, because even though this will be a new challenge to navigate, there are plenty of options to help you avoid burnout and ensure everyone gets the right level of support.  Make Time for Yourself It is never, ever selfish to take time for yourself when you need it. In fact, it is one of the most sensible decisions you could make. Recognizing when you are close to collapse is an essential part of self-care and finding balance in stressful, high-pressure situations. Juggling the care needs of…