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Wishes Can Happen: Seeing the ocean for the first time ever

The boys had the most amazing experience yesterday. We were in day three of Gavin’s Wishes Can Happen trip and it was time to visit the ocean. I talked previously about our hotel and how we were on the beach. Unfortunately, by the time we had arrived, the weather was horrible and it was dark. …

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Day 2: We’ve made it to Florida for Gavin’s Wishes Can Happen trip

It’s about 11:30 PM and we are settling into our room in Daytona Beach. We were and frankly still are floored by our room. Our hotel is literally on the beach. I can stand on our balcony and throw a rock into the ocean. As I’m sitting here, I can hear the waves crashing into …

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A Very Emotional, Heartbreaking Interview (S1E3)

In this episode, I share a very emotional interview I gave last year during the annual Wish-A-Thon. We were helping raise awareness and money for an amazing organization called Wishes Can Happen. They grant wishes to local children with life-threatening or terminal health conditions, like my oldest. It’s very difficult to talk about but it’s …

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How #Autism unexpectedly influenced our day

We had a pretty amazing day. The parade was a ton of fun and we shared the float with another, amazing wish family. While it was a great experience, it wasn’t without its Autism related challenges. Emmett struggled quite a bit because the Wishes Can Happen shirt he was given to wear, didn’t fit the …

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Seeing the ocean for the very first time ever

Seeing the ocean for the very first time in their young lives. Unbelievable experience. I wanted to share the picture I took as the boys touched the ocean for the very first time ever. 🙂 So grateful to Wishes Can Happen for making this happen. 🙂

Update: Gavin’s Wish Trip (Day 2) 11:00 AM

We had a solid eight hours of sleep last night and I’m feeling so much better now. I was in rough shape from the long drive and desperately needing to close my eyes. 😴 We’ve had a great breakfast, courtesy of Wishes Can Happen and are resting for a bit before getting back into the …

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