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Day 2: We’ve made it to Florida for Gavin’s Wishes Can Happen trip

It’s about 11:30 PM and we are settling into our room in Daytona Beach. We were and frankly still are floored by our room. Our hotel is literally on the beach. I can stand on our balcony and throw a rock into the ocean. As I’m sitting here, I can hear the waves crashing into …

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Seeing the ocean for the very first time ever

Seeing the ocean for the very first time in their young lives. Unbelievable experience. I wanted to share the picture I took as the boys touched the ocean for the very first time ever. 🙂 So grateful to Wishes Can Happen for making this happen. 🙂

As far as days go, this was a bad one

As far as days go, it’s been a rough one. I’ll talk more about it in the morning, after I do my interview thing for Wishes Can Happen. I really need some things to start going our way. It’s pretty easy to feel defeated right now and I’m trying not to let everything weigh on …

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Gavin’s Wish is being GRANTED :-)

It’s been a crazy day so far, but a truly amazing one as well. I’m able to officially share that Gavin will be having his wish granted. The timing is up in the air at the moment but it will be as soon as Gavin is able to make the trip. We will be spending seven …

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Guess who doesn’t like changes in routine?

Plans have changes a for the rest of the week. Nothing significant but it’s still a change nonetheless and guess who doesn’t like change in this house? That’s right, everyone but me. I had prepared the kids for a certain schedule and while it’s better that things got pushed up, it was still a variation …

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The 6 important events for us this week

We have a busy week ahead of us. At least the first half of the week is going to be busy. In the morning, we have to swing by the Spectrum office in order to get our modem replaced. We’re having bandwidth issues recently and it’s effecting the way our house functions. We need a …

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The truth is sometimes I don’t want to remember

My experience with Wishes Can Happen this morning was quite profound. I’m completely emotionally drained and physically exhausted. At the same time, it was for a very worthwhile and and well worth the fallout. I’m not sure if people understand how difficult it can be to talk about one of the most horrible thing any …

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Update: Gavin’s Wish Trip (Day 2) 11:00 AM

We had a solid eight hours of sleep last night and I’m feeling so much better now. I was in rough shape from the long drive and desperately needing to close my eyes. 😴 We’ve had a great breakfast, courtesy of Wishes Can Happen and are resting for a bit before getting back into the …

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