Guess who doesn’t like changes in routine?

Guess who doesn’t like changes in routine?

Plans have changes a for the rest of the week. Nothing significant but it’s still a change nonetheless and guess who doesn’t like change in this house? That’s right, everyone but me.

I had prepared the kids for a certain schedule and while it’s better that things got pushed up, it was still a variation from what they thought was happening.

That said, Spectrum has already come and gone this morning. They were here before 8AM and the guy was really cool.

Vivint is going to be here anytime in the next few hours and that’s the big thing for today.

We may need to get a whole new panel but we’ll see what happens.

The other thing that’s changed is our participation in the Wishes Can Happen Wish-A-Thon. We were supposed to go on Thursday at 8PM but we were asked if I could come by myself at 7AM on Friday. This is because talking about Gavin’s situation in front of Gavin is much harder.

At this point, those are the changes.

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