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Attacking the huge pile of unsorted laundry

We are going through the monumental task of figuring out what clothes we need to try and get before we leave for Florida. Laundry is something that is almost always a back burner type chore for us because there’s usually more pressing issues. Washing the laundry isn’t usually a problem but folding, sorting and putting …

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Awesome News

We received confirmation that everything will be up and running, if not now, in short order. Legoland is the main thing Gavin wished for and I was worried that might prove to be a problem. The only place I don’t know about for sure is Kennedy Space Center. It would be awesome to go there …

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I’ve figured out the basic logistics of our #Wish trip

I spoke with Wishes Can Happen yesterday, and we’ve figured out some of the logistics for our trip, assuming Hurricane Irma doesn’t force us to reschedule. We will be leaving on the 29th, and driving through to Charlotte, NC. That’s about a seven hour drive. We’ll spend the night in Charlotte before making our way …

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This looks to be an AMAZING opportunity but it’s going to be challenging

I wanted to drop a quick update about this Florida trip. I have some more information to share and it’s pretty exciting. If you missed the last post, please see The Amazing Reason My Kids and I Were Just Invited to Orlando, Florida for details. So the trip would take place in early 2020 and …

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It’s the only thing that makes sense at this point

I wanted to drop a quick line and let you know that I’ve spoken with the people from Wishes Can Happen about the timing of our trip. We’re going to wait until the end of the week to make a decision but as far as Lizze and I are concerned, our decision is made. Lizze …

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Day 1 of Gavin’s Wish Trip: The journey to Charlotte NC

It’s pretty much been the longest day ever. We spent a total of about twelve hours in the car today and it was about as much fun as you’d expect. lol Something I wish I’d done was look into a dash cam. It would be awesome to document the actual drive itself because┬áthere will be …

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