Never Give-up Hope -

Never Give-up Hope

I finally got the kids home from school today, both had great days by the way.

Let me begin with a very honest statement. While I was holding out hope that we would figure everything out for this trip, it wasn’t easy, especially when it came to the issues with getting a car to make the drive with.

I heard back from Wishes Can Happen and they were able to workout a deal with Hertz for the rental car. It’s pretty straight forward but more expensive, and it requires my Dad’s help.

In case anyone else ever runs into something like this, here’s what we figured out.

My Dad is going to rent the van in his name, and add me as a secondary driver. He will be reimbursed for the charges and we can leave for Florida on the 29th. The catch is that they are requiring us to pay for the $25/day insurance, in order to do this.

Apparently, this is only ever an issue when they deal with rental places locally. As it turns out, if we were able to fly, the rental car in Florida wouldn’t be an issue at all.

I get that it’s a business but I would like to think that they would be willing to work with places like Wishes Can Happen, in a more efficient way. At the end of the day though, I’m so grateful that they we willing to go this far.

We’re all very grateful for the tremendous amount of work our new friend Madelyn, has put I to this trip for us. I’m also grateful to my parents for being willing to help us make this happen.

This is such a huge relief and I’m so thankful this all worked out.

Never give-up hope.. ☺

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