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I guess we’re going Pokémon hunting 

Lizze is going out with her Mom tonight and the boys and I have the house to ourselves.   The boys want to go hunting for Pokémon tonight and try and hatch some eggs by walking the track.   I’m hoping this will Tucker them out before going to bed… Read more »

Great News: Grocery shopping we did go

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We were able to finally go grocery shopping today.  It’s not as much as we really needed but I’m grateful for what we were able to do.Emmett went with me because he wanted to go along and help.  He also wanted to pick out hot chocolate and there’s a story… Read more »

It’s so hard to shutdown when you’re an #Autism parent  

I’m laying in bed at 2:30am, unable to sleep and it’s really frustrating.   All I want to do during the day is just curl up in a ball on the floor and sleep but I can’t. When I do get a chance to sleep, I lay here and can’t… Read more »

Gavin had a bad reaction to his IVIG infusion tonight because apparently, life isn’t challenging enough already 

As you know, Gavin receives IVIG infusions twice a week because he’s living with a severely compromised immune system. The actual medication is called GAMMAGARD and it’s basically made up of antibodies from many, many different donors. This replaces the defunct antibodies in Gavin’s body, for a short period of… Read more »

Are you ready for the new school year? 

The boys go back to school on Wednesday.  That’s also my birthday, in case anyone’s wondering.  Talk about a birthday gift from above…  ☺  While I’ll miss my two youngest, I totally need the break because it will allow me to get back on track.  I’ve got things to do… Read more »

Our Naughty Dog Caught On Camera: You have to see this to believe it (@vivinthome)

It’s been a really long night already and it’s not over yet.  The boys came home today and when we went tried to put them in bed, we ran into a a problem.   Elliott soon discovered that his bed was soaked and I mean soaked. I’m not talking someone… Read more »

A small break does a Daddy good

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The boys are gone for a day of fun with their Grandma, Great Aunt and some cousins.  They’re going to be touring a local chocolate factory.   Lizze and I are really tired and will be taking advantage of the rest.   I haven’t even thought about dinner yet but… Read more »