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This is what @vivintgivesback enables me to do

I was talking the other day about Gavin’s bad reaction to his IVIG infusion. He got sick and I needed to be able to keep an eye on him without… Read more »

Today will mark a major milestone in our new journey as a reunited family

There’s a cookout at my parents house today and it was at Lizze’s request.  She’s worried that the awkwardness won’t be gone and it will make ruin Thanksgiving.  This will… Read more »

I could see the distress in his eyes and it broke my heart

I tried again tonight to get Emmett to fall asleep in his own bed but it didn’t go well. Emmett will give us a reason for his not being able… Read more »

We totally went Pokémon hunting because what else would we do

The boys and I went Pokémon hunting tonight.  Gavin came with us but didn’t want to play.  We took a lap around the track and the boys caught a ton… Read more »

I guess we’re going Pokémon hunting 

Lizze is going out with her Mom tonight and the boys and I have the house to ourselves.   The boys want to go hunting for Pokémon tonight and try… Read more »