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Here’s a MASSIVE update from just the last 24 hours

The last 24 hours have been quite challenging and I’m going to explain why over the next few pages. Last night, Lizze and I did end up seeing a movie. It was awesome to get out for a little while. Unfortunately, Lizze wasn’t feeling well after the show, so we… Read more »

3 interesting updates

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This is just a quick, general update because I’m stretched kinda thin at the moment. We’ll begin with the the forth of July. Rarely does a year go by where we aren’t having to call the police because some idiot is lighting off illegal fireworks next to our house. This… Read more »

An Important Update: Anxiety, Depression and Respite

There’s a few things I need to catch you up on. For starters, Emmett made it to school this morning however, he came home sick about lunchtime. I understand there’s a stomach bug going around the school but I’m not sure he’s actually sick. I totally believe his stomach hurts… Read more »

A super quick and important update

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I’m keeping this short and sweet cause we’re getting ready to head out the door again. Both the boys had good days at school. They came home in a good mood and are feeling good about going back tomorrow. ☺ If I could pick only one thing to go right… Read more »

Here’s an important, decent size Gavin update

I’ve made some pretty significant progress in regards to figuring out all the Gavin related things I set out to find the answer to this afternoon. There are still a few things I’m waiting on return calls for. I’ll start with what I learned today. I was able to speak… Read more »

Here’s an update

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I wanted to take a few minutes and deliver a general update on my personal wellbeing. There’s two things that are going on and I’m seeing my doctor in the morning for both. First and foremost, I’m meeting with my doctor to discuss withdrawaling from Paxil and Wellbutrin. I want… Read more »

A long overdue update on me

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The boys and I are going to have the day to ourselves. We’ll be dropping Lizze off somewhere in North Canton, because she has a Christmas thing with her Mom. I imagine she’ll be gone for most of the day. Both Elliott and Emmett have lost their respective tablets until… Read more »

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