I’m praying there will be 2 kids in the car this morning

We're hoping beyond hope that Emmett will feel up to going to school tomorrow. He's been slowly doing better as the days go on but mornings are still really tough for him. Getting ready for school is often stressful for him and that will make him more sensitive to the pain. I'm not sure we will be able help him through the morning enough to get him to school. My goal is to not rush him to get ready. I want to try to keep him as calm and stress free as possible because it will get out of control quickly if I don't. Lizze and I will likely have to tag team him but with any luck, I'll be dropping two kids off at school in the AM... ☺


How we’re going to address the problems at school

Lizze and I were discussing the school issues that have become an unwelcome visitors in our lives. It's pretty obvious to us that there are no good options because we'd likely be trading one problem for another. What we've decided to do at this point is preserve the current status quo. That being said, we will be working to address the concerns we have by pushing for the school to be open to parental involvement. Currently, there's no PTA and no forum for parents to voice their concerns or have their voices heard. This isn't how it used to be. Before the PTA disappeared, Lizze and I were heavily involved. In fact, Lizze was the PTA President. I think one of the biggest issues revolves around the fact that there…


I have enough to worry about already

Elliott is off to school while Emmett is home because of a fever flare. I'm really proud of Elliott because he did awesome this morning. Neither one of the boys likes going to school without the other but Elliott has been be very good about it this week. Emmett is in rough shape but is currently working on his makeup work with Lizze. I sent the school pictures of his mouth and that helps to document his absence. I've been stressed out because of these new truancy laws in Ohio but I've recently decided not to give a single shit about them. Here's the thing - these laws were not written with kids like Emmett in mind. He's living with medical issues that can often interfere with school attendance. We're…

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