We had some #vaccine related hiccups

I wanted to explain the hiccup with school that we ran into. I mentioned this in a recent post and never circled back to explain. I figured I start the day off with some writing and this is a good place to start. The issue we ran into is with vaccines for both Elliott and Emmett. Vaccines are extremely important and for the most part, we've maintained their vaccine schedules. There were, however, a couple of exceptions. Emmett's issues stemmed from his fever disorder. After consultation with his pediatrician at the time, it was decided to put off his MMR because he was constantly running a fever. We were trying to figure out his health issues and no one wanted to muddy the water. He eventually received his first MMR…


Sometimes school just isn’t as important

It's a very big day for us in The Autism Dad household. Emmett is returning to school for the full day, starting today. At least that's the plan. I need to sit down and have a meeting with school because Emmett is barely hanging on and while he's returning full time, it's not going to take much to derail that. Emmett's been in a very, very dark place and because of that, school has become incidental. He's absolutely buried in makeup work and he feels his teachers are disappointed in him. I spoke with his therapist and I think the best approach for him to get back into the classroom full time is to forget the makeup work. Emmett has been an overachiever his entire life and received straight A's…


Today’s been a f*cking debacle and I’m wondering how you would handle this

I swear to God, if it's not one thing, it's another. I barely got Emmett to school today because he wasn't feeling well this morning. I convinced him to try for an hour and if he wasn't better, I'd come get him. He's very hesitant to trust people anymore and I'm lucky that he trusts me. I called the school and made arrangements. I explained that he's willing to try but he doesn't want to be trapped there if he isn't feeling better. The agreement was that I would call when I finished walking. They would ask Emmett is he was doing okay and if not, I would come get him. It didn't go as planned. I called and was told that he wasn't complaining of not feeling well. I…

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A BIG step in the right direction

For the first time in awhile, I'm parked at the school and waiting for both of the boys to be dismissed. I'm so proud of them. I know it's not easy right now and school is difficult but we have a find a way thorough this dark time in our lives and journey towards a better day. I feel like today was a step in the right direction. We may still face difficulty in this area going forward but for today, they did amazing. So proud of you boys.. ☺ ♥


It’s not perfect but the kids made it through the school day

Neither one of the boys came home from school early yesterday. Around lunchtime, I called because I wanted to make sure everything was okay. The office said that boys seem to be doing well and that made me feel so good. When I did pick up the kids, Emmett was in a great mood and Elliott wasn't too far off. He made it through the day but was not feeling well for most of it. I hate that he's so distressed it makes him physically ill but I'm incredibly proud of him for sticking it out. It feel like there's hope that we can work through this and get our lives back on track. This whole divorce thing has turned our lives inside out and upside down. There's no question…


Love, patience, understanding and therapy

It's been a day. That about sums it up. It's not been particularly good or bad, it's just sorta blah. The kids got to school and did so mostly on time. Gavin and I went walking after that and he did really well. I totally feel like we'll be able to bump things up next week and continue building from there. I've got a shitload on my plate and I'm trying to get through some of the backlog without continuing to get buried. It's not an easy undertaking and frankly, I suck at it. Well, I know I need to do better. I suppose that's a nicer way to put it. I'm still trying to find a new car. I'm about 90% on the financing but there are some things…


Trying to get the boys ready for school tomorrow is a bit overwhelming

We have a busy day today. School starts in the morning and we still have a few things that need done. The boys still need new lunch boxes and they definitely need haircuts. Neither of them like getting haircuts but they don't have a choice. They cooperate once they're in the chair but they get ichy after and that's pretty intense for them. We have Pattie this afternoon, where Elliott and Gavin are going to have some one on one time with Pattie. Emmett had his time last night. We're trying to make sure that the boys remember that they have a safe place to open up. It also helps ensure that we know how the boys are handing everything. Afterwards, we might be going to orientation. We were going…


Have I mentioned how much I literally hate homework? Can anyone relate to this story?

Emmett missed most of last week because he wasn't feeling well. I had work sent home for him to work on so he wasn't so overwhelmed when he hopefully returns on Monday. Emmett is crazy smart and way ahead of everyone else in his class, so homework is something that should come relatively easy for him. Sometimes it is and other times it's a fricking nightmare. One of the things that Autism has contributed to this mess, is a very literal interpretation of everything. Emmett interprets things in a very literal, incredibly ridged way. There's almost no way to help him work through anything, when he's literally interpretating things. An example that we are struggling with this morning is this. The instructions for a math problem he's stuck on went…

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