The heartbreaking letter my son with #Autism wrote

Before we go into this post, I want to be clear that Elliott wants me to share this personal journal entry of his. He hopes other kids will learn something from him.

There’s so much to catch you up on, and I’m trying to get there, but it’s been one problem after another. This is something that I …

How literal interpretation leads to meltdowns 

I promised that I would write about why Emmett’s school report led to so many meltdowns over the last week or so. The reason can be summed up in two words, literal interpretation.  

The instructions provided simply said to write about three things you like to do in the snow. Seems pretty simple and straight forward, right? …

MAJOR UPDATE: 3 anti-bullying actions taken by the school today 

This is a pretty major update in regards to the Elliott being bullied issue we’ve been dealing with over the last few months.  To get current, please read back a few posts and you’ll be brought up to speed, or just click HERE

I received a call from the principal, whom I have a great line …

3 ways the school could indirectly deal with my son’s bully

I’m not having a good day. I was approached by the interventionist today, while picking the boys up from school. Actually, I was only picking up Elliott cause Emmett was home sick. 

I’ve always made it a point to be as honest with this blog as possible. Sometimes the honesty is rather brutal. 

As I’m writing this, …

How I’m dealing with my son’s bully

I’ve been largely absent the last day or so because I’ve been busy. Most everything can wait until a bit later today, but I did want to talk briefly about the bullying situation at school.

I met with the school this afternoon and had a thirty-minute discussion about what’s going on with Elliott and this bully.

While …

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