How we’re going to address the problems at school

Lizze and I were discussing the school issues that have become an unwelcome visitors in our lives. It’s pretty obvious to us that there are no good options because we’d likely be trading one problem for another.

What we’ve decided to do at this point is preserve the current status quo. That being said, we will be working to address the concerns we have by pushing for the school to be open to parental involvement.

Currently, there’s no PTA and no forum for parents to voice their concerns or have their voices heard. This isn’t how it used to be. Before the PTA disappeared, Lizze and I were heavily involved. In fact, Lizze was the PTA President.

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I think one of the biggest issues revolves around the fact that there are few, if any avenues for parents to be involved in their child’s education. In my opinion, this isn’t a good thing. I don’t think many people would argue that kids benefit from their parents being involved in their education.

Approaching things from this angle is the best approach at this point in time. Frankly, if we can push for ways to be involved in the school, perhaps other parents would want to join these efforts as well. Think of all the possibilities and opportunities to help make things better for not only our kids, but others as well.

Keep in mind this doesn’t really do anything for health related attendance issues but that’s outside of our control. All we can do for that is document everything and deal with what lever comes out way.

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What do you guys think about this approach? Does it make sense?