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Toni Braxton now claims her son is cured of #Autism and here’s why that’s total BULLSHIT

Share62 Buffer12 Tweet9 +14 Pin2 Share2 RedditShares 91You may have read that Toni Braxton is now claiming that her son with Autism is no longer Autistic because he’s been cured.  This… Read more »

We have a day filled with absolutely nothing and I love it

Pin2 +12 Share Reddit Tweet Share BufferShares 4Today is the first day this week that we have absolutely nothing to do.  This will work out just fine because I’m sure… Read more »


My thoughts on posting videos of your child with #Autism having a meltdown

Share14 Buffer9 Pin4 Share1 Reddit Tweet +1Shares 28No matter what you do or where you look, someone’s always got a bee in their bonnet over something. The latest thing I’m… Read more »


Because You Asked: Why I vaccinated my kids

Buffer15 Share2 Reddit Tweet +1 Share PinShares 17First of all, I fully realize this is a touchy subject. At the same time, I’m constantly being asked for my opinion on… Read more »


Did this Deputy go too far by handcuffing this 3rd grader with ADHD?

Buffer15 Share3 Share2 Reddit Tweet +1 PinShares 20I came across this on BuzzFeed today and I’d like to know what you would do, had this been your child? I don’t… Read more »