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Political Opinion: Which side of history will you be on?

I’ve become much more political over the last year or so but I really try to keep politics confined to my Twitter feed and not here. I’m breaking that rule today because I truly believe that we as a country, are at a crossroads. I’ve been a registered Republican for… Read more »

It’s not about the #flag or #patriotism

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Donald Trump has stirred up a huge amount of shit in our country over his perception of what NFL players mean when kneeling for the National Anthem. There is a huge divide in this country and frankly, Donald Trump’s responsible for a large part of it. It seems as though… Read more »

Elliott will be returning this afternoon

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Elliott will be returning to occupational therapy today after school. He only goes twice a month and missed his last appointment because he was sick. He’s excited to return this afternoon but disappointed it won’t cause me to pull him out early. This time around, we were able to schedule… Read more »

Racism in America: This should NEVER be acceptable (NSFW) 

I came across this tonight and was really caught off guard. It shows that racism and hate are alive and well in today’s America. There are some unpleasant and offensive words used in this video, but I sat down with my family and had them watch this with me. This… Read more »

Toni Braxton now claims her son is cured of #Autism and here’s why that’s total BULLSHIT

You may have read that Toni Braxton is now claiming that her son with Autism is no longer Autistic because he’s been cured.  This is the same woman who thinks her son was born Autistic because God was punishing her for having an abortion many years ago I have replied to anything… Read more »

We have a day filled with absolutely nothing and I love it

Today is the first day this week that we have absolutely nothing to do.  This will work out just fine because I’m sure the boys and in truth, Lizze and I as well, will need the day to decompress from a rather chaotic week. I plan on doing some writing… Read more »

My thoughts on posting videos of your child with #Autism having a meltdown

No matter what you do or where you look, someone’s always got a bee in their bonnet over something. The latest thing I’m seeing is in regards to parents who post video of their child with Autism having a meltdown. I haven’t viewed many of these videos because I live… Read more »

Because You Asked: Why I vaccinated my kids

First of all, I fully realize this is a touchy subject. At the same time, I’m constantly being asked for my opinion on this subject, and I thought as the Lost and Tired story continues under a new name, I would address this issue and when someone asks, I can… Read more »

Did this Deputy go too far by handcuffing this 3rd grader with ADHD?

I came across this on BuzzFeed today and I’d like to know what you would do, had this been your child? I don’t know the whole story but the officer makes reference to this little kid with ADHD and behavioral issues related to a trauma, taking a swing at him. If… Read more »