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150 days of #COVID19 lockdown and the #depression is real

The boys and I have been on lockdown for 150 days today. It’s crazy to think it’s been this long and it’s even crazier to think we could be looking at almost another year before we get access to a vaccine. While we’re all safe and healthy, that doesn’t mean we’re doing great. Don’t get …

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If my sensory sensitive kids with #Autism can wear a mask, WTF is your excuse?

I know I’m not writing nearly as often as I normally do and the truth is, depression is really kicking my ass. I’m still functional but definitely struggling. As of today, we’ve been on lockdown for 98 straight days. As you can probably imagine, it’s running a bit long in the tooth at this point. …

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What I’ve learned after 50 days of #COVID19 lockdown

The boys and I have been on lockdown for a total of 50 days today. When you think about that, it’s crazy. 50 days of not going anywhere and not having contact with anyone outside of ourselves. I feel Ike this is a pretty big milestone and we should recognize that. It’s not uncommon for …

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