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Being a single parent is tough but I’m feeling accomplished today and here’s why

It’s been a fantastic day and while it wasn’t perfect, I feel like it definitely belongs in the win column. The rest of my labs finally came back in, everything is perfect, and I’m grateful. I wasn’t really worried but I’m not a huge fan of the unknown. I saw my doctor this week and …

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I had to pick Emmett up from school early because he was uncomfortable

It’s totally been one of those days here in The Autism Dad househhold. We’re knee-deep into the last week of school and it’s a little more chaotic than I had anticipated, but we’re good. I dropped Emmett off at school and within an hour, I received a string of text messages from him asking me …

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One last trip before for the next few weeks

I took the boys to Quail Hollow for one last hike before the car goes in to get fixed. It’s going to be a few weeks before I get it back. We don’t go anywhere very often but it sucks anyway. We found an entirely new trail and it took us roughly 2.5 miles start …

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I spoke on ABC News tonight about the importance of masks

Last night, I was featured in an ABC News segment about the importance of wearing masks during the COVID-19 crisis. There is debate about the validity of people claiming medical exemptions in regards to wearing masks. For my part, I spoke to the challenges facing kiddos with neuro developmental disorders like autism and wearing masks …

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