Being a single parent is tough but I’m feeling accomplished today and here’s why

It’s been a fantastic day and while it wasn’t perfect, I feel like it definitely belongs in the win column. The rest of my labs finally came back in, everything is perfect, and I’m grateful. I wasn’t really worried but I’m not a huge fan of the unknown. I saw my doctor this week and she was really proud of me. She says I’m going great and to keep it up. That felt really good because it’s been a journey to get where I am. Don’t get me wrong, I still have room for improvement, for for the moment I’m celebrating the victory.

I spent the morning working on some freelance stuff and next weeks podcast episode. I think it will be next week anyway. I’m on somewhat of a deadline because it’s sponsored and needs to get done.

After lunch I got my workout done. I spent about 90 minutes at the gym and it felt so good. I’m definitely back into the groove of working out and I’m making serious progress. I’m never going to have my pre-back-injury body back but I’m intend to get as close as I can. I can’t wait to see where I’m at next summer. I have all winter to continue pushing forward. For the first time in a long time, I’m feeling comfortable in my own skin and that’s so important. Selfcare people! It’s important.

The kids have been super cooperative when it comes to me working out and I’m incredibly grateful for that. It’s been a long journey and as they gain greater levels of independence, I gain a bit more freedom for myself. That’s such a huge thing and it can’t be overstated. Having time to myself, be it for selfcare or anything else, has been a game changer for me. I can better prioritize selfcare and that is a very positive thing for everyone.

I had a great business meeting before dinner. It ran over a bit but this could be a very positive thing and they definitely have my attention. I will share more about that as I learn more. I’ll know more next month but I’m pretty excited about this and I think it’s a very positive for our community.

The boys wanted to go for walk after dinner and so we did a lap around the track at the park. They also wanted to get ice cream so that was our very informal send off to the summer.

The boys are so excited to be returning to the classroom. I’m happy for them but I’m also realistic and I do not see this lasting very long. As long as they’re safe, I totally support being back in the classroom. There is a very clear line in the sand that marks the point at which I will pull them for safety reasons. Hopefully we never reach that point because they need to be there and I need them to be there. It’s been two years of the boys and I being together almost every minute of every day. We all need this but it has to be safe.

Everyone is completely ready for their first day. We have several mask options and they can decide what’s best for themselves based on the situation. They are going to carry a gator and a KN95. They’re both fully vaccinated, so I can live with the gator if need be. It’s better than nothing and both school are without air conditioning. It’s going to be really hot in their classrooms and I’m trying to be realistic. Them wearing a mask is more about protecting those around them, but RSV is hitting hard here right now and the mask will help protect them from that as well.

We’ll see how the first day goes. I’m looking forward to a more solid routine and the ability to really focus on work while they’re at school. That will make a big difference for me and I’m excited about tapping into some of these new opportunities I have been offered.

On a side note, I’m working with my friends at the Stark County Health Department to get Gavin is 3rd shot of the Pfizer COVID vaccine. Hopefully we can get that done ASAP. I’m totally down for getting my 3rd when I become eligible.

That’s all for now folks but I have a couple questions for you.

Are you guys ready for the new school year? Are you going in person or remote? How are you feeling about whatever path forward you are taking?

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Curtis G.

Here’s wishing a safe and happy school year for your sons. And for Gavin to quickly get his booster shot. I’ll also have to see about getting my oldest son his booster shot, since he has some medical issues that we want to make sure he’s covered.