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Checking some car related things off my to do list

I will totally own the fact that I’m super weird. Maybe it’s more of a guy thing and not so weird. Anyway, typically, I  really enjoyed taking care of my new car. I’ve only had it for less than 2 years but I found washing and waxing it to be incredibly relaxing for me. I …

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I’m very concerned about this school year (and some other random stuff)

I didn’t sleep well last night. As a result I’m dragging a bit today and feeling a great deal less positive. I had really bad dreams and they were the kind that felt incredibly real. Anyway, it was a long night but today is going pretty well regardless. Today I’m aiming for distraction because I …

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That was horrible

We just arrived in Cleveland for Gavin and Lizze’s appointments. The drive was horrible due to the weather and very poor visibility. Things were made worse by our windshield wipers freezing in place once we were on the freeway. That was not fun at all. We should be on our way home in about an …

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