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My kids were #vaccinated at @AkronChildrens Hospital today

One of the decisions I had to make recently was whether or not to get Elliott and Emmett vaccinated for COVID. That took about 3 seconds to figure out what the right thing to do was. Of course, the boys will get vaccinated ASAP. Do I have questions about the vaccines in regards to my …

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Gavin gets his final dose of the #COVID #vaccine today

It’s gonna be a hectic day. I have a two hour meeting after lunch and it should finish up just in time for me to get Gavin to the health department for his second dose of the Pfizer COVID vaccine. I’m a little concerned about how Gavin is going to handle the side effects. More …

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Huge thank you to my friends at the Stark County Health Department and here’s why

It’s been kind of a whirlwind day in The Autism Dad household. I had 2 interviews scheduled this afternoon and ended up having to reschedule one of them for a later date. I hate inconveniencing my guests but it was unavoidable. Eariler this week, I received the callback I had been waiting for in regards …

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