Off to physical therapy at @AkronChildrens

Emmett, Elliott and I are going to be on our way to physical therapy at Akron Children’s Hospital. Emmett gets 45 minutes of therapy a week and it …

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Emmett kicked butt at his eye appointment today

Emmett and I just got back into town, picked up Gavin and will be getting Elliott from school in a few minutes.

Emmett’s eye exam went great and …

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We made it to Akron Children’s Hospital with a few minutes to spare 

Traffic was horrible today on the way to the hospital this morning. HORRIBLE

That being said, we made it to his appointment with a few minutes to …

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Emmett did some new things in Physical Therapy this week   ***Check out the pics***

I wanted to try to get caught up on back posts and thought this would be a fun one. 

One of my favorite things to do during the …

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Here’s what happened at the pediatrician yesterday 

I had to get Gavin into the pediatrician yesterday afternoon because of his bladder problems. 

First of all, it needs to be understood that Gavin’s ability to tell …

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